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Process Enacted by Jordan Greenhalgh

Process Enacted

Process Enacted is an inventive student film by Jordan Greenhalgh created at Rochester Institute of Technology as his sophomore final. The short can be viewed on his website A few technical details about the film from its director:

I used Polaroid 600 film to capture all of my imagery. During the development phase of each image the Polaroids were manipulated to create lines and shapes as well as pulling some emulsion completely off. After shooting all of the Polaroids (987 to be exact) I re-shot them in black limbo with a Canon digital SLR. The end result is my film Process Enacted. There is no digital compositing or computer trickery … just what was in front of the lens.

  • Gerard de Souza

    Refreshing. Different. Genius. I hope he qualifies for best animated short at the next Oscars.

  • Neat short! I had a class with Jordan my last year at RIT and he was doing some similar stuff at the time. He sure has a lot of patience, and I commend him for working all in front of the camera instead of using CG tricks.

  • Brilliant! This is a fantastic short in both concept and execution…

  • intergalactic

    I can see the next White Stripes video being done by this guy.

    Great idea and very cool to see you actually pull it off.

  • Chris Knox

    Fantastic! Animation completely performed in the real world! I salute you, Jordan. Best thing I’ve seen on this site to date.

  • RR

    “Genius”? “Brilliant”? “Oscars”???

    C’mon guys, it’s a cute storyless student film. And it’s not really any better or worse than all the other cute storyless student films we’ve seen this year. Don’t inflate this poor kid’s ego so unnecessarily.

  • Great process! Glad to see someone get so involved in the media from the correct end of things, if that makes sense! As far as cartoonists go, we can always get into different processes like this, rather than entrusting the whole thing to our computers. Would like to see a cartoon done in a similar way.

  • Nice film. Proper.

    Lets hope the Mobile Phone company that rip it off for their next commercial, have the common decency to hire the original guy…

  • Hi Jerry/Amid,

    Many other short films from RIT are available on YouTube. The 2003 Student Academy Award winner PERPETUAL MOTION EXPLAINED by Kim Miner is there, along with,
    THE WAY OF THE MANTIS by Jed Mitchell and Joe Daniels
    DANCE OF THE SEASONS by Jed Mitchell and Joe Daniels
    and Bill Robinson’s LOVE AT FIRST ROACH (Hi Bill)

    If you enter “RIT animation” in the YouTube search engine there are many more films to see. Also, DINNER and PYGMALION DREAMS by Nathaniel Hubbell are easily found on AtomFilms and on Nathaniel’s own site.

  • doug holverson

    Kind of 1980 New Wavey. I like that.

  • Aaron Schneiderman

    The look was clearly inspired by the cover of David Bowie’s album “The Lodger”

  • whoa! i went to RIT! it’s crazy, seems like after i left good stuff actually started coming out of the program there! haha imagine! that’s awesome and i know the workload sophomore year so i know how crazy that is!!! rit runs on a quarter system, each quarter’s about 3 months.

    if this was a sophomore project that means this kid pulled that off in 3 months, while taking tons of liberal arts and [hopefully] drawing classes and the like too.

    my hat goes off to you sir.

  • Andrew

    yeah not such a new process ive also seen another video but don’t remember where.