<em>Pulsar</em> by Katushi Bowda <em>Pulsar</em> by Katushi Bowda
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Pulsar by Katushi Bowda

By far the coolest thing I’ve seen on YouTube all week is this Japanese short from 1990. From the video description: “This is not clay animation but gypsum animation. This movie was made by Katushi Bowda. It was broadcast by the Japanese TV program ‘EBITEN’. It was contest for amateur short movie directors. And his present occupation is professional Stop Motion Animator.” More recently, Bowda also created a segment for the feature Winter Days. His website (in Japanese) is Bowdas.com.

(Thanks, Tony Mora)

  • This is great! I can’t stop watching it…

  • Saturnome

    That’s really fun! I like it. There’s a couple of animators on Winter Days I never saw anything of them (almost all the japaneses animators in fact) and Bowda was among them. Thanks!

  • Mitch Kennedy

    That was REALLY COOL!

  • good animation, but the music is AWESOME!!!

  • J. Speed Schwartz

    I had the opportunity to study with Mr. Bowda 3 years ago. He has a very interesting technique using multiple replacement series- He compared it to a 3D zoetrope.
    He did a series of shorts called “Robot Paluta”- there’s one at http://jp.youtube.com/watch?v=lwF2xHkgjy0

    The techniques are must more conventional than those in Pulsar- but there’s still a lot of the same- just hidden more creatively.

  • Mark H.

    Incredible, hard to believe its not clay. Wonder what he could do with other materials.

  • gypsum? haha, why not! favorite part was the eggs “bouncing” up and down from the surface. fun use of replacement and stop-mo.