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“Pups of Liberty” by Bert and Jennifer Klein

We first posted about Bert and Jennifer Klein’s beautiful 2D independent short Pups of Liberty in 2009. This short explains the American Revolution (or Americanine Revolution) through traditional hand drawn animation, making it a perfect educational tool for kids. Starting today the film available for sale to teachers as well as the public at izzit.org and Amazon.com.

The production is superb – animated in off hours by veteran Disney artists including Mark Henn, Eric Goldberg, Hyun-Min Lee, James Lopez, Frans Vischer, Tony DeRosa and Barry Atkinson – and I’m delighted to see it get a legitimate video release. Here’s a clip:

For more info and behind the scenes images, check out the izzit.org website – and if your a fan of this project, “like” the Pups Of Liberty facebook page.

  • Sean

    Haha, when I first read the title I read it as “Lips of Puberty!”…that could have been weird…

  • eeteed

    i’m guessing that the main person behind this is a dog-lover and a cat-hater, as the concept of cats oppressing dogs is illogical and should have been reversed.

    imagine “an american tail” being about CATS going to america to get away from oppressive MICE.

    sometimes you have to put your personal preferences in the back seat, and do what’s logical.

    • Mike

      No cat nation without representation!

    • Inkan1969

      I’ll agree with this. I’m not the first one to point out that cats get a bad rap in cartoons.

  • “…as the concept of cats oppressing dogs is illogical and should have been reversed.”

    Now talking cats and dogs that walk on two legs, THAT makes sense.

    • eeteed

      “..Now talking cats and dogs that walk on two legs, THAT makes sense…”

      it makes sense in that storytellers have given human traits to animals since the art of storytelling began.

      what storytellers did NOT do was give animals traits that go against their basic nature. for example in the story of the grasshopper and the ant, ants are given the role of industrious workers because that is the nature of ants. the storyteller didn’t say “well every time you see ants they are busy and working, but in this story i’m going to have them being lazy and playful because i like grasshoppers better than ants and i don’t want to make grasshoppers look bad.”

      • Inkan1969

        Maybe they should’ve kept everyone a dog and instead distinguished the British rulers by being purebreds?

        • eeteed

          i think that’s a very good idea!

        • or keep it all live action using a nice mix of races and sexual orientations… and keep it as a book. A short book… a pamphlet about the american revolution posted on a pamphlet appreciation blog where people could comment on how it would be nice to see as a cartoon rather than a pamphlet, perhaps using devious murdering cats as the brits and man’s best friend the pooch as the americans.

  • Wishlisted!

  • I remember watching a trailer for this a few years back. Good to see that this project got off the ground.

  • Matthew Koh

    I think there’s some “Robin Hood” approach in it.

    “tell an existing story, but with animals.”

  • Mac

    I think its interesting how choosing to divide them as dogs and cats is such a strange relationship because it doesn’t make any sense historically. Were the cats and dogs living together in England? Cats and dogs living together?

  • I think the criticisms of this film are a little premature.
    I really dislike the fact that people are quick to put something down before actually seeing the thing.
    Go and buy a copy, support and view the film and then give your critiques. Believe me, there’s plenty to like about it.

  • Neil LaPointe

    It’s cute! But you yanks RULLY need to stop mythologizing your country’s founding history. Between this and that thang with Ben Franklin and the Mouse, can’t imagine what yer kid’s notions of American history is. Also, yep, cats get a bad rap. Not a fan of ‘this animal good, that animal bad’ in cartoons. Redwall drove me up the wall (pun intended) with that shiz.

  • Anthrocoon

    Perhaps the next project could be a canine Atlas Shrugged: Here’s Dogny Taggart…

  • Joshua K.

    Logic is killing creativity. Cat’s shouldn’t oppress dogs? It’s like saying you can’t have penguins on the moon because they would suffocate, but you can, because it’s animation.

    “Animation can explain whatever the mind of man can conceive.”
    -Walt Disney