“Pythagasaurus” by Peter Peake “Pythagasaurus” by Peter Peake

“Pythagasaurus” by Peter Peake

While we await their CG Arthur Christmas and their clay-mated Pirates feature, Aardman tempts us with this superbly crafted short from director Peter Peake. Produced by Aardman’s commercials division during downtime between jobs; here’s sneak peek of the designs and a brief interview with Peake at 3D Artist Online.

  • SR

    I laugh!



  • herp

    great! This is a very clever, funny, unique, and nicely executed Aardman short! Unlike this ugly and poorly directed Fly one:

  • Has Bill Bailey ever done something that isn’t brilliantly funny?

    The answer is no, no he hasn’t.

  • I absolutely love this short- I can’t fault it at all. So happy to see something new and visually different coming through. It’s always exciting to see some CG animation that thinks outside the box.

  • Scott B.

    That was totally worth it, if only for the, “No, I definitely think the walking is quicker.”

  • Jerold H

    Congratulations to Peter and the crew! Beautiful, funny, and original work!

  • Tim Douglas

    Just Fantastic!