<em>Rubiks</em> by Tom Bunker <em>Rubiks</em> by Tom Bunker

Rubiks by Tom Bunker

A creepy film by Tom Bunker that revolves around a Rubik’s cube. The mixed media short was made at Kingston University in the UK. Another student short that was recently featured on the Brew, Mars!, was also made at Kingston.

  • That was totally bizarre. I like the mixed media (or Tradigital Animation). Thought it was strange to only have the one live action shot of the hands reaching, but I guess it fits with the premise (what ever the premise is?)

  • I thought it was cool. Sorry– nothing more perceptive or biting to say!

  • That was one of the better mixed media animations I’d seen in a long time… with AfterEffects nowadays there’s a tendency to either over or severely under composite sequences… this was a perfect balance, and the great retro sci-fi sound design certainly helps. I kinda wish I had access to such good sound design!