“Ruin” by Wes Ball “Ruin” by Wes Ball

“Ruin” by Wes Ball

Wes Ball spent two years making Ruin out of his L.A. based Oddball Animation studio. Technically, this is a sample piece for a post-apocalyptic feature the studio would like to produce, but it plays perfectly fine as a short.

(Thanks, Tim Elliot)

  • Manu R

    By far the best game cinematic I have seen for a long time.

    • TempleDog

      PREcisely. Mr. Ball would be on the ball to shop this concept to Kojima productions or the guys at Ninja Theory. Hell, talk to the guys at ID, cuz the action in this short? WAAAYYY more interesting than most of what went on in Rage, sadly.

  • Really liked that. I enjoyed, the most, the pre-amble in the beginning, before the chase scene started. Once that kicked in, it was like 90% of animated shorts – ye olde chase scene, although, some nice ideas in there. The beginning bit, though, with the introduction to the landscape and the overrun city was awesome. I’d have liked 80% of that, 20% chase. Very nice.

  • Someguy

    Looks good…also looks like it could have come from a dozen pre-existing intellectual properties. As a sample of professional quality 3d animation, it succeeds on virtually every level. As a kind of pitch for an original intellectual property…it really fails for me. I didn’t see a single idea or concept that struck me as particularly original or intriguing. It could have easily been the intro to a new terminator videogame…or countless other similar properties.


  • I really, really liked it. “Totally” original or not – it was very well done. The storytelling was spot on. Loved the environments. The audio was brilliantly done.

    Seen it before? Sure, most post-apocalyptic stories share similar “chase scene” storylines. While ideas are cheap, it’s the execution that counts.

    Overall, great work. I look forward to seeing more.

  • Michel Van

    I like it
    even for post-apocalyptic tone and borrow from:
    Terminator II and Terminator Salvation and
    Resident Evil and little bit of Generator Rex

    i wanna see the next part

    • Schultz!!

      With a bit of Aeon Flux thrown in. Still, this is what Terminator Salvation should have been.

  • Lib

    It does NOT play perfectly as a short.

    Really, I don’t get all this conformism toward photorealistic reels like this, ‘Chase’ and ‘Kara’ the other day, coming from the same editor that reminded us ad nauseum his personal hate for Tintin last year. You missed story elements where there were plenty, and now seem to see them where there are none.

    All three ‘Chase’, ‘Kara’ and this ‘Ruin’ are wonderfully done, and I wish their creators the best of the best in the visual effects field (in the case of David Cage, the game industry). But nothing here proves that there’s a story worth telling behind, or even that the creators know how to tell a good story at all. It could even be said that design wise none of these clips show anything new either. But at least their camera work, pacing and planning is superb.

    But really, as a stand-alone piece, or introduction for a story to further develop, this is a terrible video.

  • lola

    Alright! Watching a guy on a motorcycle at different angles for 6 minutes! Pure awesomeness!

    But yeah I got bored around the middle.

  • BOF

    Nice look, but it won’t be enough to get a feature started unless they already have a killer treatment ready. This would need a story of some kind to get any notice from studio folks.

    I admire the technical achievements here, especially the believable camera movements and crisp lighting, but there’s nothing that makes it memorable. It’s too generic.

    A comment mentioned Terminator 2. The chase in T2 through the aqueduct was so engrossing because of good storytelling; our uncertainty towards the T-800’s intentions (Arnie); our fear of young John being killed by the artificially sociopathic T-1000; apprehension of the converging Terminators and the havoc they could cause; the unfair terms of the chase – shitty motard vs truck; the high stakes- John MUST survive to lead the future revolution against skynet. It’s not genius storytelling but all the elements together make for a very exciting chase scene. I just watched T2 a few days ago, by the way.

    I know it’s unfair to compare the two, especially to a classic, but that’s the level of storytelling to strive for. Your inspirations can only get you so far if you ignore the reasons why they stirred you in the first place.

  • TempleDog

    It’s an interesting comment on the state of how much awesome action animation is online when a cyberninja on a motorcycle comes off as cliché! Still, lovely to look at. For you young hot-shots workin’ on something like this, a suggestion…talking characters! Even if they’re just verbalising their inner monologue, the ‘faceless voiceless badass of the badlands’ has been done. A lot.

  • Kevin Dougherty

    Wow, that was really great. Riveting and fun. I could not believe it was 8+ minutes long. It seemed like a quarter of that.

  • Thane

    Anyone have anything similar to this. I love big, epic animated/CG heavy short films. Would love to see anything else on the level of Ruin.