“Rusty’s Long Journey Home” by Mike Hollingsworth “Rusty’s Long Journey Home” by Mike Hollingsworth

“Rusty’s Long Journey Home” by Mike Hollingsworth

Rusty’s Long Journey Home offers a twist on the shopworn local news story of the animal who finds his owners after being separated. The piece was commissioned (and never aired) on the now-canceled HBO series Funny or Die Presents. Mike Hollingsworth directed, T. Sean Shannon (Saturday Night Live) wrote.

  • Marie

    Haha, I like the part where the mailman prints out directions!

  • Conor

    Okay, I’ve watched this three times now, and I really have no idea why this is posted here. Every short I’ve seen on Cartoon Brew before has had something unique or especially well executed about it, but this is just stiffly animated, written, and acted, but not even so much that it comes across as funny in it’s ignorance like Filmation or Adult Swim.

    • Shawn’s Bro

      True, but the dog on boy sex makes my wedding tackle explode. Reason enough, prude.

  • tonma

    that part of the mailman talking made me feel just like I was watching Dr.Katz. the ‘style’ is identical.

  • akira

    cool, mike hollingsworth is awesome! i can’t believe how much great stuff he has done.. (i think the low tide gang cartoons are my favorite)