Sarah Silverman’s Thanksgiving Special Sarah Silverman’s Thanksgiving Special

Sarah Silverman’s Thanksgiving Special

Sascha Ciezata (When Herzog Rescued Phoenix, When Lynch Met Lucas) animated this holiday special, featuring Sarah Silverman recalling a pivotal thanksgiving in her childhood.

  • I give thanks for:

    -Independent animation’s survival

    -Being able to make my own organic Pumkin Curry Soup

    -Living in a nation where I’m free to abandon it’s illogical consumptive holiday traditions to enjoy life and nature alone or with others whom share unconditional love.

  • I usually find Sarah Silverman really funny. But this misses the mark. The animation works in the context of the material, but the underlying story/joke is ‘meh’. Where’s the punchline? Where’s the zinger?

  • How about for Thanksgiving we kill and bury the ironic “No animals were hurt…” disclaimers that keeps popping up in animation?

    But this does remind me of the adults I ran into while growing up who imagined it was their duty to introduce us to unpleasant things as soon as possible. They were eager to do it, to prove they were more manly than… a six-year-old.

  • Mills

    Ditto on that lame, dated disclaimer. Put it at the end or better yet, drop it.

  • Jeffers

    Sarah Silverman’s voice reminds me of Lucy Van Pelt for some reason. I could see Lucy telling this story to Linus too.