<em>Scintillation</em> by Xavier Chassaing <em>Scintillation</em> by Xavier Chassaing
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Scintillation by Xavier Chassaing

Scintillation by Paris-based music video director Xavier Chassaing is an experimental work comprised of over 35,000 photographs and using a mix of stop-motion and live-action projection mapping techniques. While nobody seems to be exactly sure of how the look was achieved, it’s an undeniably gorgeous visual experience.

(via Laughing Squid)

  • Charles

    I guess we know what next years Bonnaroo ad will look like. Zing!

  • TStevens

    Pretty cool! I thought of two things: Altered States and 2001 a Space Odyssey.

    Man, technology has come a long way since the Slit Scan camera (though 2001 is still an amazing piece of film making).

  • Beautiful. For some reason I thought of Fantasia. Love the music too.

  • Looks like a projector was used to apply the graphics to the surfaces.

  • G. Melissa Graziano

    Absolutely gorgeous!