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Scott Dikkers Launches Animation Website

Scott Dikkers

Scott Dikkers, who helped found The Onion and was its longest-serving editor-in-chief, also happens to be a cartoonist, and he’s launched a new Brooklyn-based animation company Dikkers Animation company. The company website offers three shorts–Tycoon Tykes, Ape Trouble and Bright Lights Big Steam. The hand-drawn cartoons are refreshingly simple family-oriented cartoons with nice little messages worked into each one. They’re paced a bit slow for my taste, but I imagine they’d do well with a younger audience. And isn’t it a refreshing change of pace to see a new animation company promote itself with storytelling-oriented pieces instead of visual prowess?

  • Nice! Good to see some fresh blood in Brooklyn animation.

  • These are awesome! Fun stories. Keep it up!

  • Stephan

    As a recent grad, the gorilla one really touched me. These are indeed very nice to see!

  • Agreed. I’m excited to see what they come up with next!

  • Huh. Seeing that his background is in the Onion, these cartoons honestly surprised me. I oughta keep a eye on ’em.

  • So far I only watched the iron one, but I’m looking forward to watching the others.

    It’s rare to see modern stylized animation that feels so organic. Too often with highly graphic animation like these, you can tell exactly how the characters are going to move. Not here though. Sometimes it’s ultra-limited with maybe one or two in-betweens, and sometimes it’s fluid and bouncy. And the whole thing looks so authentic, too. If not for the aforementioned fun animation and the sound quality, I could swear that was actually a fifties UPA short.

    I also love the neat custom video player the site uses.

  • Pedro Nakama

    Thanks for the link. I like the cartoons. I’m sure Scott Dickers didn’t make them all by himself. It would be nice if he gave credit to his artists and technicians.

  • SO digging these! they are so UNcynical and yet still funny and entertaining with GREAT timing and animation! Lets see 109 comments on THIS post! forget about the yogi and bugs movies and lets enjoy art like this!!

    Big ups to the creators

  • killskerry

    I loved all the cartoons. They were very sweet and the gorilla one a little sad.

    My personal favorite is the one about the iron.It had a real Gerald McBoingBoing ring to it.

  • I’m very happy to see this happen. I hope they meet with great success

  • seeing cartoons with this much heart online is just so fantastic

  • John A

    These should really be in theatres. To hell with that CG Roadrunner ripoff. These actually made me feel happy.

  • Jorge Garrido

    The IRON one is one of the best things of its kind I’ve seen in years!

  • Thank you for all of your kind comments. We are all grateful for the endorsement of CartoonBrew editors and fans. We read your blog all the time, and think you folks are great.

    Thank you, Charles, for finding our credits page. Please note the brilliant work of lead animators Abbey Paccia and Jacob Ospa.


  • I really enjoyed these cartoons. The visual, leisurely storytelling was very old-school and a pleasure to watch.