“Scrat’s Continental Crack-Up Part 2” “Scrat’s Continental Crack-Up Part 2”

“Scrat’s Continental Crack-Up Part 2”

Not qualifying for an Academy Award is this new Scrat short from Blue Sky. Directed by Steve Martino and Michael Thurmeier, it’s more of an elongated trailer (for the next Ice Age sequel next summer). I predict this will be attached to the forthcoming Alivn and the Chipmunks sequel (Chipwrecked) and may be better than the main feature.

  • The underwater sequence cracked me up! Awesome! For those looking for animation credits, you can go here (thanks Seth Hippen for the link):


  • Clint H.

    Out of all the animated franchises not made by PIXAR, this is the one I hate the least. This new movie kinda looks far-fetched (animal pirates?), but it’s just a trailer, so maybe when new trailers come out, hopefully it’ll look better. The parts with Scrat in this trailer, however, are pure cartoon gold.

  • As always, Scrat proves to be the best part of the whole Ice Age franchise.
    Why can’t they just make animated shorts starring him all the time? I don’t care about Sid, Diego, or the others.

    • Josh

      Agreed, the only parts that still make me laugh from all three movies are the sequences with Scrat, everything else falls flat….except Simon Pegg

      • Dario

        We like Scrat because we don’t see him all the time. Like a good meal: it takes better when you feel you didn’t have enough. The way it is is perfect, otherwise they will ruin the character.

  • Trevor

    Here is a higher quality version.

  • hash

    scrats adventures remind me of older WB cartoons

  • I’m guessing the animal pirates will show up in the 4th movie. Didn’t see that coming.

    Looks like white tiger will play the role as Diego’s love interest.

    Once again, Scrat proves he’s the best character worth watching out of all these Ice Age sequels.

  • The animation of Scrat underwater is just beautiful
    and very very funny. Terrific work!

    • Thanks to the Lozt Boyz link listed above, I see that Chip Lotierzo animated the shot I particularly enjoyed, so Congratulations Chip, and to all the Blue Sky crew!

  • JG

    Scrat is pure comedy gold.

    “The Producers wish to thank the many talented artists at Blue Sky Studios for making this film possible.” – That’s a lovely sentimental thing to put in a trailer.

  • sam

    thanks blue sky for cracking me up!

  • James Fox

    I think Ice Age 4 will suck
    I mean it’s all ready a cluster cuss in terms of history

    • wever

      It’s also about animals that talk.

  • Sebastian

    Why they didn’t put the animation credits right into the trailer/short?

    • Nick

      You don’t credit a whole studio of 500+ people for a trailer. Might seem a bit silly. They still give thanks though.

      • Josh

        they don’t need to credit the whole studio, just those that were directly involved in creating this short, ie animators, lighters, modellers

      • ikas

        Even that “direct” list will be huge and nobody would want to cram that into a trailer… they would do it in the feature…

      • Josh

        That’s true, forgot it was a trailer rather than a short film

  • That was great throughout. Really cartoony I thought… but just as my smile couldn’t get any wider they add Ray ‘f*ckin’ Romano’s lead balloon of a voice and my bubble dismally bursts. he’s like an anti character, he leaves a hole where a character could be… he has harnessed destruction of emotion without fanfare or excitement… to tell the truth it is quite an achievement. I’m sure he is a lovelly fellow but these shorts do not need any voices.

    Gotta love that wee creature and his nut. 8 Thumbs up

  • Matt Sullivan

    I like Scrat and all but it kinda feels like Sony is hanging on ICE AGE as its signature franchise. I hope they do new shorts with new ideas and fresh characters. i can only take so much Scrat.

    • snip2354

      Well unfortunately, Blue Sky and FOX has yet to find its next big franchise from animated movies. The 2-films-a-year deal is not working to their advantage. I heard they plan to make a Rio sequel, so I’m only excited on the prospect that we’ll get something familiar that IS NOT Ice Age! It’s an okay series, but to me, the jokes are stale (the first film ran basically on name-calling), and Scrat is best when he’s in a short instead of a feature film.

  • Peter J Casey

    I LOVE BLUESKY! The stories they tell are so-so, but MY GOD! THAT ANIMATION IS BEAUTIFUL. So cartoony and full of life. That underwater sequence with Scrat is amazing. I’m going to study the heck out of this short.

  • MissConception

    They had me up until the pirates.

  • Wooly Wayne

    The mammoth was not an ice age animal. It had no sebaceous oil glands to keep its fur and itself from freezing. The ones found with frozen flowers in their stomachs died due to Earth’s crustal slippage into arctic air thousands of years ago. This happened within a few hours. They froze very quickly.