“Second Hand” Trailer by Isaac King “Second Hand” Trailer by Isaac King

“Second Hand” Trailer by Isaac King

A trailer for Second Hand, an attractive looking short by Isaac King. The idea: The term “second hand” refers to the ticking hand on a clock; it also describes re-used items. Would you rather save time? Or save stuff? This film examines the imbalance and waste created by these modern obsessions.

  • tomm

    cool style

  • Iritscen

    Looks quite interesting (and relatable!). I like how the hand-drawn detailing makes the CG sets and people not seem too cold and mechanical.

    • Thanks for the comments! I thought I’d mention that there’s actually no real CG in there. Instead I combined drawing with stop-motion animation.

      • cbat628

        Most impressive!

  • I agree with Iritscen. The line drawing over top of the 3D is a nice touch.

    Interesting to see quite a few shorts now-a-days use animation to make people more aware of pollution and “green” topics. Which I find a good thing.

    One other short that pops to mind is the Oscar nominated “Let’s Pollute”.

    Knowing that this was made by Issac King, a stalwart of Headgear Animation in Toronto, this short MUST be good.

    Can’t wait to see the full thing.

    Thanks for the post!

  • This looks fantastic! I’m excited to see the whole piece.

  • This looks amazing! What medium is it?

  • Leona

    I agree with everyone, the style looks brilliant and seems to compliments the concept.

  • Looks awesome Issac! Why isn’t your grad film up on your site?