<em>Second Wind</em> <em>Second Wind</em>

Second Wind

JibJab production designer Ian Worrel has posted his Cal Arts thesis film. Preliminary sketches and design elements are posted here.

  • Congrats on the finished film.
    Nice designs and atomsphere.

  • annie

    Nice soundtrack and “lighting”. heavy religious overtones and odd feel, content- & rythm-wise. But enjoyed viewing nonetheless. Thanks for posting it!

  • great stuff. designs and all round lovelliness… good on ‘im

  • Beautiful film! Love the style – I think the acting choices and emotions really read well! Bravo!

  • Charlie

    That was really neat!

  • RoboFingernail

    Wow, nice looking film, I really liked it.

    The only little tiny thing that bothered me was the choice to make the ball a soccer ball. I saw this is some magical world where this giant cat and man roamed away from modern civilization.

    As soon as I saw the iconic soccer ball, it took away some of the magical mystery of the world for me…I think an unmarked, more generic ball would have been a better choice.

    I don’t know, was anyone else bothered with it being a soccer ball?

    • listen

      The reason for the cat is so big isn’t magic. If you have some children (under the age of 5) and ask it to draw is family, the kid will draw the people that are more close to him(parents, brothers, …)bigger, for example, if his father is always travelling, he will draw it smaller and his mom bigger, even if his father is 2.00 meters taller. So the cat is so big because he is very close to the man. But if you watch carefully the movie you’ll see that the cat gets smaller when the man finds the creature of the windmill.
      And who said that the man wasn’t a neandertal?
      I just tell you one thing, don’t look at the movie like if it is reality.

  • Adam Oliver

    Really nice aesthetic! Prefer the slightly fuller animation to Ian’s other film.

  • Chris D

    I really liked this. The sound and character design was easily my favorite part. The style, very sketchy, and I really liked it. A great student film.

  • Mike Johnson

    Truly loved it. The best part was that it really transported me into the world that the characters were inhabiting. I realized after it was finished that I was watching an animated short, and for me this is one of the prime hallmarks of great animation…you “forget” you are watching animation and are simply carried along by the story. As others have pointed out, the soundtrack and lighting effects contributed to an overall outstanding piece of work. The soccer ball was noticed, as RoboFingernail pointed out, but was quickly forgotten about. I also loved the little windmill-looking creature…what a great concept.

    Overall this was outstanding for a student effort, as it really doesn’t resemble one!

  • Wonderful job. I especially liked the expressions of the characters… very emotional. You certainly went all out with that. Keep it up.

  • justin rasch

    Excellent! really enjoyed that…..totally sucked me in.

  • Really sucked me in to a very different and fantastic world. Great work!

  • Loved it.

  • Wow… great, great film. Beautiful art, emotion and a nice little story. Simple and sweet – I was grinning all the way through it.

  • What a stunningly gorgeous film. Thank you for making my morning so much brighter! :D

  • Ben

    I can honestly say that this is the most beautiful student film I have ever seen.

  • really amazing. solid designs and animation. i want to see more of this!

  • vzk

    The animation is a bit choppy at times, but this is a pretty good short film. Appreciated the celtic-style music.

  • Great film.