“Sidewalk Scribble” by Peter Lowey “Sidewalk Scribble” by Peter Lowey

“Sidewalk Scribble” by Peter Lowey

Lots of fun visual ideas in Sidewalk Scribble by Melbourne, Australia-based filmmaker Peter Lowey. The film was created for Annecy’s YouTube contest. The winner of the contest, who will be announced at the end of May, will win a trip to Annecy, an award from the festival, a five-night trip to LA and a visit to Disney Feature Animation. Not a bad prize package. You can vote on all the entries on Annecy’s YouTube page.

  • uncle wayne

    Mesmorizingly marvelous! Thank YOO! Just gorgeous! And 45 cheers for the PIANO, too!!

  • Randy Koger

    Marvelous sense of style and animation. Just magic!
    Great soundtrack too.

  • cbat628

    Expertly handled!
    It’s amazing how much effort it must take to achieve even some of the most “simple” drawings in this short.

  • Amazing and surreal. It’s like the city, the people, and everything else lives in another wonderful and strange world and here I am, flowing in like the wind to explore it all.

  • Woo woo go Pete! You’re a maniac.

  • E. L. Kelly

    If you’d showed me this five years ago and told mr I’d like it, five-years-younger me would have guf-FAWED with scorn.

    But, here I am. These doodles prove Mr. Lowey is a helluvan animator and artist!

    • amid

      E.L. Kelly – Thanks for sharing your experience viewing the film.

      Your comment reminds me of something Ward Kimball once wrote, “Don’t become dogmatic because you’re going to change your mind about what you like and what you dislike hundreds of times before you’re thirty! This will happen if you develop your imagination along with your curiosity.”

  • Way to go Pete! Goes to show what can be done by one person in only two weeks.