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“Signs of Life” by Freddie Yauner

Magoo graffiti

What does the little man on the emergency exit sign do when he’s not helping humans? “Signs of Life” is a witty animation installation created by Freddie Yauner that answers the question. Here is the explanation of how the interactive aspect of the project works.

(via We Make Money Not Art)

  • Annie-Mae

    Whoa, I was worred about that bed scene because I’ve seen other things around the net where the ‘sign’ people start getting freaky with each other.

  • could have been edited down to 1/4 current time and kept the story.

  • AutisticAnimator

    This is the same guy who did all the “Signs of the Times” public art scattered around Emeryville, CA?

  • Ryan

    Fun, but I’d be more “amused” if it had some sort of infra-red thing that made him reset himself whenever a human being got too close. Gives more of a feeling that it’s all around us, or something like that.

  • It seems that that’s exactly what it does….. resets itself whenever someone comes in. That’s where the genius lies in this… the person who sees the animation out of the corner or their eye, and then aren’t sure if they saw anything at all, or if they’re just going crazy. The video is not meant to tell a story, but show the installation in progress. It’s when you experience it momentarily, in real life, that the story is in full effect.