Silent animation in <em>Red Dead Redemption</em> Silent animation in <em>Red Dead Redemption</em>

Silent animation in Red Dead Redemption

In the recently released PlayStation 3 / Xbox 360 video game Red Dead Redemption there appears this “silent movie” The Dangers of Doctors and Patent Medicines. In the game, it is seen projected on the wall of an old west theatre. Of course this kind of animation would not have existed until the 1910s – I’m not sure what time frame this western game takes place in, nor do we know who animated this fun little piece at Rockstar San Diego, but perhaps the animators will identify themselves in our comments section below.

(Thanks, John Karel)

  • Pretty funny stuff, caught me off guard a few times.

    The game takes place in 1911. Obviously I wouldn’t see worms spewing out of someone’s hindquarters during that period, but it’s a close enough.

  • Hal

    RED DEAD REDEMPTION is set in 1911 and its all good, especially stumbling upon that animation being projected in a small church.

  • Gregory Bernard

    It’s full of anachronistic inconsistencies, and the character design is very modern-lazy (any game artist’s early sketchbook looks like this), but it’s very fun to watch. Great job!

  • Mike Johnson

    This is the most astonishingly entertaining thing I’ve seen in a very long time. The animation is perfect, even down to the scratches and browned-out corners. Very funny bits, and I’d love to see more of this.

    Major kudos to everyone involved!

  • Rooniman

    Not bad. Alittle bleak on the designs, but it was pretty good.

  • J.R. Bray should have been that good.

    I like the anti-halo around the black shapes.

  • Hal

    ROCKSTAR’s consistently gone above and beyond in their games. This is not the first time they’ve added clever animation – here’s the great (borderline NSFW) anime parody in GRAND THEFT AUTO IV: THE BALLAD OF GAY TONY called “PRINCESS ROBOT BUBBLEGUM.”

  • JosephP

    pretty awful, but i’ve never been a fan of Rockstar’s blunt humour. this time around i can disapprove of the shoddy artwork too.

  • Isaac

    “Modern-lazy” is precisely how I’d call this style. Drawn flat and with shoddy linework. Such a shame, because it looks like a lot of work have been put into everything but the actual drawings.

    • Sterling

      Obviously you haven’t watched many old silent cartoons… Rockstar did a fantastic job replicating the style of the time period.

  • Steve Gattuso

    Both this and the PRBG piece are great fun and well-aimed shots are various genres.

  • Bob Lindstrom

    According to the RDR manual, the film was created by Stephen Ellis and Jasmina Mathieu, with music by Chris Heckman.

  • Gerard de Souza

    Anachronistic mostly because the animation principles are rather advanced and design modern for the 19teens unless one was Winsor Mckay. I could get real picky but it was funny and only animation nerds will be critical.

  • Tsimone Tse Tse

    Gee Whiz! It seems some of you missed early animation class.

    There may have been a bit too much stretch, but I think they hit the vintage silent look “dead” on.

  • Corey K.

    “The animation is perfect, even down to the scratches and browned-out corners.”

    Although technically, if the game is set in 1911, it should look pristine, not as if it’s 100 years old! I guess those old nitrate stocks really deteriorated quickly in the dusty Old West. :)

  • MadRat

    It looks like it could have been made by Winsor McCay or one of the first films by Walt Disney. I can’t argue with Corey K’s logic though.

  • BooDog

    This was never intended to be watched as a stand-alone piece. I think we’re being a little too hard on them. I applaud them for inserting this into their game.

  • Someone

    I approve if just because it means some poor 2D animator got paid for something.