<em>SkateboardAnimation</em> by Tilles Singer <em>SkateboardAnimation</em> by Tilles Singer
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SkateboardAnimation by Tilles Singer

Photographs of skateboarders cut out and re-arranged in new environments. Tilles Singer’s short owes a debt to Virgil Widrich’s Fast Film, which remains the gold standard of this technique, but SkateboardAnimation has enough creative touches to stand on its own.

(Thanks, Alexander Rannie)

  • I loved this!! I love animation that isn’t “traditional” as you might say. That’s sort of what I try for in my own work, but I’ve never thought of anything like this! I’ll have to check out this blog more often now that I know the great stuff you put on here!

  • This is too cool, I love stuff like this.

  • Eric

    I really like this! Something that really stood out to me was the sound. The sound people did a good job matching the sound effects to the feel of the animation which made this all the more enjoyable.

  • Hey Jack, there’s nothing wrong with liking or not “traditional” animation. It’s the animation medium as a whole that’s intriguing to you, right? Best of luck with all your non-traditional stuff.

    The old Bogart movie animation in the link was really entertaining. Nice combination of stop motion/paper cut out with video editing. Alot of fun to watch.

  • That was GREAT!!!

  • Connie

    As an animator AND a skateboarder I have to say this is just awesome!

  • that was great… but did it end on “skateboard shreds”? is that the title? unfortunate.

  • Mitch Kennedy

    That was really great! I wish the camera was on a tripod though — it’s a little jittery.

  • What a beautiful idea!!!

  • I love everything about it!

  • 5tephanie

    This made me wanna go shred….luffed it!