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Sketchtravel Film by Dice Tsutsumi

Sketchtravel film

Speaking of color scripts, I have to point out an interesting and visually striking film experiment by Dice Tsutsumi, whose Toy Story 3 color scripts are featured in the new Pixar book.

Dice’s passion project for the past few years has been Sketchtravel, an idea that he hatched with illustrator Gérald Guerlais, and which features the participation of some of the world’s most well known illustrators, comic artists and animators. (We’ve written about it before on Cartoon Brew.) The project has finally come to a conclusion: an auction of the original sketchbook artwork was held last week and raised over $100,000 for charity. A printed version of the book is now available in France, too.

To support the Sketchtravel project, Dice made the following animated short using his color scripting technique:

In an email, he explained the challenge of making an animated film as someone who comes from a painting background:

“Since I’m not an animator, my focus is to carry a story through all the visual staging elements – color, lighting, and composition. I painted every single frame of the film by myself with a little help from friends and a small amount of After Effects movements. It took me six months to complete it while I was preparing for the auction event.”

  • Any word if the book will be available in the United States?

  • The Sketchtravel art book will be available in the U.S. from Stuart Ng Books in mid-November. The books are en route now with an estimated arrival date in Los Angeles of November 11.

    • Awesome! Thanks :)

    • Is the book the French language version, or are they going to do a translation? If it’s the same book, then the French Amazon website would be just as good to order it from, no?

  • Wow, wow, and wow. This short is wonderful in different kinds of ways. It’s a lesson in storytelling, in imagery, and in the pursuit of dreams.


  • Only 5 comments on this so far? This was one of the most beautiful and inspiring shorts I’ve ever seen! It didn’t need any fancy animation or wild character designs for it to be incredibly moving.
    Can’t wait till it becomes available in the US! : D

  • This was beautiful!

    Can’t wait to see the book.

  • E. L. Kelly

    That short was simple and rather exhilarating…even with a few cliches here and there, it was quite the wonderfully-colored entertainment. On a budget, a short cartoon series could be done this way.

  • Jacqueline Walsh

    Not only did I find Tsutsumi’s short extraordinarily beautiful I was emotionally engaged in the story and found it very moving. Great work.