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Slap Back Jack in “White Gloves Willy”

Slap Back Jack

Treat yourself to some Slap Back Jack on this fine Sunday. It’s a curious yet oddly compelling piece of children’s animation created and directed by New York-based Mark Newell, and animated by Jisoo Rim, Jessica Polaniecki and Newell.

  • Matt D

    I was hoping that Slap Back Jack was going to go to Detroit and just slap the crap out of those cars and send them reeling. High five master indeed.

  • Man those hands are weird!
    Still, stop motion always has a charm

  • Durp

    Awesome work! I know hands are hard to make and cast but jeez they are some really awful hands. other then that great stuff!

  • Dave

    It’s weird to hear that voice coming out of an old man. Makes me wonder if there was a color change due to pc

  • iseewhatyoudidthere

    Darnit! When I quickly skimmed it, I thought it said “Slap Jack BLACK”. I was all excited….

  • Andrew

    So confused

  • David Breneman

    But… Nobody got slapped. Moe Howard would never stand for that.

  • The Gee

    He should be used to teach American Sign Language. It would require the main character to tone it down some. But, It also presents an interesting challenge in how to pep it up.

    It seems like a better fit than anything. It is better that it have a purpose like that than to present various occupations that rely on their hands?!? They lost me on the magic barrel of jobs thing….

  • The Gee

    And if anything, the Magic Barrel of Jobs seems to prove that any job is potentially and easily replaceable by automation and robots.

  • Polemic

    Why should the hands be more human-like? The fit the puppets perfectly…

  • Brian O.

    How the fingers are used are hit and miss but I actually like the longer fingers rather than the typical stubby “sausage link” Aardman fingers. Used with a bit more elegance (time permitted as always!) they will be quite an acting tool.

    The arm of one of the drivers leaning out giving a “razzberry” had a cool gesture… long and flowing rather than stiff. A small thing but nice to see in stop-mo.

  • Doug

    I’m mystified by that voice on that character.

  • High-Fives, Cartoon Brew! Thanks for sharing White Gloves Willy. It’s a shorter short we made for our little fans who have seen the award winning 11minute, Slap Back Jack: High-Five Master at festivals around the world. Stay tuned for more high-five festoonery!