<em>The Smile and Penny Show</em> <em>The Smile and Penny Show</em>

The Smile and Penny Show

Here’s the opening to The Smile and Penny Show, a web series created by Hobo Divine. His collaborator on the project is Mike Geiger. Super-limited animation of the Roger Ramjet variety isn’t easy to make look right, and few do it better than Hobo Divine so naturally I’m curious to see what he does with this idea. The characters have a website at SmileAndPenny.com.

  • FP

    I watched it five times already! The theme music is GREAT. Please remind us when the whole cartoon is posted, because, even though I’m impressed, I’ll forget I ever saw this in a few seconds….

  • Anything HD touches is GOLD!

    YES! Believe it!

    Love this! :D

    Here’s an innerview I did w/ HD back in the dizzay:

    Solid Gold baby!

  • Lots of fun! If this becomes a series I’ll watch it for sure!

  • The cel look – looks nice.

  • I dunno, I actually like this! Looking forward to the whole cartoon!

  • Sam Chou

    Incredible work guys!
    My guess is that HD also scored the music. That guy never rests!!

  • Thank you Everyone!

    Yes it is quite abstract.
    The whole goal behind Smile & Penny was to see if we could tell a story or message purely through animated idioms.

    This idea spawned from my love of old *Terrytoon cartoons.

    Now this is not to say that this was the driving force behind the cartoons they made at the time, but definitely this element was what made the biggest impact on me. For no explanation what so ever an animated play on words/song/slang/idioms would interrupt the cartoon.
    Then the cartoon would continue to digress until it was, again, interrupted by a scene that read “The End”.

    SO CRAZY!!!!
    I was in complete rapture.

    Thank you so much for posting Amid.

    Mike and I plan to release the 1st Episode soon.

    Take care,

    ~ HOBO

    *2003 Mike & I were working for Carbunkle Cartoons.
    Bob (Jaques) would sometimes bring in Terrytoon cartoons on 16mm. I guess for fun but mostly to keep moral up!
    Nothing is more enchanting than watching a cartoon from a projector!