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“Sticky” trailer by Jilli Rose

Australian animator Jilli Rose has just started production on an animated short about Lord Howe Island stick insects. It’s called Sticky and here is its beautiful trailer.

Says Rose:

“The film is partly a celebration of the cape-worthy team at the Melbourne zoo who, behind a secret door in the butterfly house, in modest facilities, have quietly, diligently and quite literally saved a species from extinction. It’s partly a love song to evolution, uniqueness, life and the little creatures underfoot. And it’s partly a retelling of the astonishing story of the insects themselves.”

It looks incredible to me. More info on her Facebook page.

  • Skip

    Interesting, I like what they are going for, however the animation looks a bit stiff. It appears as though the animator set basic keyframes, and let the computer fill in the inbetweens without any tweaks.

  • Benjamin Arthur

    Yeah, honestly, this is nicely styled, but the 3D animation is missing both depth and weight.

  • Steven Reece

    I love it! I’m familiar with these insects and their amazing story. Looking forward to the finished film!