Suggestive Doodles Suggestive Doodles

Suggestive Doodles

(Thanks Steve Moore)

  • Inkan1969

    Well, the artist is talented. But the premise is so juvenile.

  • Totally stupid with no redeeming value, except that you could build a teen comedy around the same obsession and have yourself a blockbuster.

  • bif

    hey I used to do those in highschool back in the day… i called them “subliminal d&b”

    i feel ripped off…sigh.

  • Ikaruga

    Must be a slow Cartoon news week.

  • red pill junkie

    Somebody should go to see the threapist.

    Probably me :-)

  • Boy, oh boy! Did this ever get screened for the silver spoon crowd. What’s the matter? Did your monocle pop out? How’s about some of you cranky old ladies take a chill pill. heh. If it was supposed to be taken very serious-like then mayhap the groinus dilecti would have been drawn on better paper.

    Anyhow–it’s silly fun and lowbrow. A burlesque “chalk talk.” Thanks for the break from reality, Jerry.

  • A riot!! Thanx a heap!!

  • Cristin Mckee

    Heck, I was sufficiently entertained. :)

  • I do the same thing but in reverse. Whenever i see a picture/ photo/ blank space… I draw a big nob on it then laugh laugh laugh. Sometimes I draw a ladies tuppence on an apples in a supermarket…. ???

    he is a good drawerist though isn’t he.. and fast?! Boy oh boy!

  • Mike

    There’s an old SNL sketch where they did the same thing. Anyone remember seeing any of those?

  • I think Awdballz are better. Check them out and let us know what you think:

    From one Awdball to another ….Thanks

  • Sean D.

    *monocle pops out!* I love that!

    This video is great. Fun to watch the whole process.

    @GeeVee- the redeeming value is entertainment. Must everything have a redeeming value? What’s the redeeming value of your comment? Superbad was great, though, wasn’t it?

  • This is fun and funny, I don’t get all this snobbery… Sex, Violence, etc does not equal “unworthy”. To quote some famous artist… (picasso) “The Chief enemy of creativity is the term ‘good’ taste.”

  • There’s online interactive pictionary websites and users there often do similar things to this. Drawing something icky and trying to turn it into a table or whale or something. Very funny ^_^

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  • I love this high brow board! Where else can you read ” monocle ” and
    ” tuppence ” in TWO different posts.
    I used to do these sorts of drawings on the blackboard in the 3rd grade for my friends.
    So…speaking for the lowest common denominator, I think the animation was fun.
    This made me laugh.

  • FP

    It’s funny.

    The first comments above are snooty.

    From many of the drawings, it’s obvious the cartoonist is you’re a-peein’

  • mawnck

    I’m no snob or prude, but this was just dumb. Just because something is juvenile doesn’t mean it’s good either. Pick better next time.

  • Stan

    Where’s the Larry Flynt cable network? This stuff would make fine bumpers between all the gambling shows. And it was noneother than staid art book publisher Walter Foster who wrote “The worst thing you can say about an artist is that his work wouldn’t offend anybody.”

  • it made me laugh, that’s for sure :D

  • This is what cartooning should be about – FUN! Good job!

  • If thinking something like this is funny and clever makes me immature then THANK GOODNESS I’ve chosen animation as my career!

  • That was a silly clip.

    Heaven knows the animation industry needs more silly these days.

  • hahaha, i like how this was racy without being disgusting. good to see something different now and then here.

  • Mike Fontanelli

    I agree with Micah Baker. (I’m still laughing at the line: “Did your monocle pop out?”) Lighten up, prudes.

  • J. J. Hunsecker

    The artist in question is a modern day J. Stuart Blackton, without the racism.


    Uh….this is just like the first comment says… JUVENILE. I do think you’re doing yourself and the webpage a disservice by posting it. I didn’t think I’d see something like this on here.

    ~But happy hump-day~

  • Raven

    This made me laugh. I’m an art student and I hate how the second you say that people seem to think you’re either a snob or your very poor and have too much free time on your hands… There’s a real problem with the ‘artistic society stereotypical idea’ people seem to have if that made any sense. Art is suposed to be accessable to everyone. And who says if something makes you laugh isn’t art or something you find offensive isn’t art? Some of the greatest creations ever made have offensive undertones but people fail to see them because of the name in the bottom right of the canvas…I HATE ART COLLECTORS. They call themselves that, but all they do is collect nice pictures to put in their huge mansion above their marble fire place as a conversation starter during their morning tea…it’s sickening…

    This video rocked! Thank you for attempting to break barriers, they will break eventually and people will come to their senses.

  • JM

    Shrug. Horatio Sanz did something like this on SNL a few years back.

  • shaneshane shaaaaane!!!!

    not a whole lot of comments from women…

    could it be it’s a bit too little little boy????

    kinda funny tho – I did watch it to the end! But please Lord, it’s late and don’t let me DREAM about it!

  • A-ha!! This is awesome! I don’t care who it offends. We need more stuff like this. We can only assume what lies behind some of those cartoons today!

    Way to go, Amid!

  • Andrew Lee


    I showed the guys here at the shop….we watched it twice in fact.
    …everyone laughed!!!!!


    Didn’t Ward Kimball do an animation where he turned Lyndon B. Johnsons nose into a giant erection???

    I believe it was called ESCALATION…..

    You guys should throw that up here someday. If you haven’t already……The “monocles” will love it.

  • Paul N

    Here’s Kimball’s short:

    Fair warning for those who were offended by ink on paper – the Kimball short contains actual pictures of women’s breasts…

    If you really want “suggestive”, check out this Donald Duck short, specifically the sequence where Donald’s at the top of the coat rack (about 6:15).

  • I think it’s funny, especially the way the drawings keep getting more and more difficult to turn into a different thing…and he still does it. 01:35 and 01:09 were especially amazing.

  • Jason

    Roy Williams did something like this, without the sex organs, to amuse sick children at hospitals. Gonads are needed today to get people’s attention.

  • Dock Miles

    Quite sharp eyes, Paul N. Underscored when Donald quacks “This is very, very funny.”

    (Although, like many Disney shorts, I find this beautifully animated but not that very, very funny at all.)

  • Kris

    Wow. The negative comments here are pretty astounding considering that the audience for this blog is a bunch of adults who watch cartoons. We’re all in the same playpen, guys. Funny images of dicks being made into other things aren’t any more “juvenile” than funny images of animals hitting each other with hammers and anvils.

    That said, I giggled at the video. But then again, I think drawings of dicks are funny, much like most people who have actually seen a dick in real life.

    P.S. “Buried Treasure” c. 1928 – Hilarious and dirty!

  • rabid treasure

    Actually, it’s usually guys who like to draw and see their penises all over the place. Women don’t draw their GIANT GENITALS ON WALLS AND ALL OVER (wow…) like males do. Look around you. I think it’s comparable to dogs peeing all over the place to “leave their mark”.

    This is not a comment on the video – it’s more a comment on the men’s comments…(ahem! juvenile…)

  • Paul N

    C’mon rabid; giant genitals? You know that size doesn’t matter… :0)

  • FP

    Women don’t draw their GIANT GENITALS ON WALLS AND ALL OVER

    Well, it’s about time they started. Break through that glass ceiling.

  • Keith Bryant

    THIS IS OBSCENE!!! Oh wait, I’m sorry it’s just my dirty mind again.

  • matt

    Ironically it reminds me of those ads when we were kids in the seventies from the Church of Latter Day Saints with the guy doing all those religious drawings super fast. I never realised when I was small it was sped up. I also never knew that they put a very light version of the picture under the top piece of paper – it doesn’t register on camera but the artist can go like the blazes because he/she doesn’t have to think it up as they go. Sorta like the artist reverse version of “Here’s one I prepared earlier”!

    And my wife sniggered at this. She doesn’t wear a monocle.

    Rabid, should the guys start drawing and painting an inordinate amount of kittens and butterflies too? Even things up? It’s amazing that even professional folios and illustrators’ agents have so many damn kittens from female artists, not to mention more watercolour than you can shake a brush at. Not one for blanket statements, but that’s not an opinion, and fair considering your ‘males’ post. All in good fun eh?

  • rabid: women may not draw big giant genitals all over the walls, but I’ve heard women say some things that can’t be unheard. And it makes me want to pour bleach in my ears to try to undo the damage.

    In other words, men have their way of being dirty, and women have other ways. It all evens out. Trust me on this one.

  • o_q
    o_o~o POP!
    My word, that video has penises in it!!! And vaginas!!!
    Such filth is NOT what one expects to see when one logs onto the internet!

    Rapid: I know plenty of women who draw giant genitals in sketchbooks. I’ve never caught them drawing genitals on walls, but I don’t exactly follow them into the restroom. Maybe you’re just hanging out with the wrong women?

  • Allison

    Everyone has their own tastes. I’m glad cartoon brew doesn’t limit itself. I thought it was funny! :D

  • gogopedro

    I will not lie. Entertained… needless to say it would have made all my notebook covers very PG, back in the days of MIDDLE AND HIGH SCHOOL.


  • Katie

    I enjoyed this, I thought it was clever! I have similar feelings to Raven’s on the subject of highbrow/lowbrow :)

    In response to rabid’s comment, “No.”

  • Tim E.

    Reminds me of the stuff I drew in elementary school: look a boobie?! wait… it’s a cabin on a hill!
    He’s a better artist than I was, but it’s still smells like yesterday’s fish. I think it would have been better if he had done something more with it. Instead of just using the same lines to draw an entirely different concept, I think he should have unified the whole thing. Used the final image as a commentary of the process. Maybe a visual pun or something ironic. Done something to take it past elementary school.

  • Lotte Ann Ratinger

    “Rabid, should the guys start drawing and painting an inordinate amount of kittens and butterflies too? Even things up? It’s amazing that even professional folios and illustrators’ agents have so many damn kittens from female artists, not to mention more watercolour than you can shake a brush at.”

    are there enough instructors taking the girls seriously? I know of 3 women – all great animators – that got bullied or kicked out by the same university, that kept only male animation instructors. To this day, the girls are the disproportionate underachievers. go figure.