“Sumo Lake” by Greg Holfeld “Sumo Lake” by Greg Holfeld

“Sumo Lake” by Greg Holfeld

Here’s something we don’t see nearly enough of nowadays: a hand-drawn full-animation short. Sumo Lake is a re-telling of “Swan Lake” animated by Adelaide, Australia-based Greg Holfeld. No fancy effects or gimmicks, the focus here is on drawing and movement and both are commendable. Holfeld reveals details about his process on the film’s official website.

(PS: Jerry posted Greg’s crappier work in 2007.)

  • I had the honour of watching this on the big screen at the Mercury Cinema in Adelaide where the full force of the sumo wrestling was slapping me in the eyes and the truly amazing score boxed me in the ears. I’ll never be able to look at sumo wrestling the same way again without half expecting (nay, wishing!) the opponents to embrace at full height on their toes and stare into each others eyes while pressing flesh.
    Very clever use of the Tropfest ‘key’ theme, too.
    Hilarious. Like being in a dream.

    …The french are going to love this.

  • Daniel J. Drazen

    Sumo meets Fantasia (“Dance of the Hours”) seasoned with Godzilla. Wild!

  • It’s truly thrilling to see a film that celebrates the pure art of animation (and storytelling as well).

    I found the drawings and animation to be quite dynamic,
    supported by some very interesting techniques that hold your interest, such as the distressed paper look with brown lines, and the drawn fading in and out.

    A real animator’s film – Congratulations Greg!

  • Awesome work Greg!

  • Jason Pamment

    Ahhhh, finally viewable! Great work Greg! It was worth the wait :D

  • Really Cool….the addition of Godzilla was unexpected but totally made it for me!!!

    On a side not…I hate that these kinds of posts generally only receive a handful of comments while other, less appealing/ more devisive posts receive well into the hundreds.

    It’s a shame, this one deserves quite a bit more love from the community :(

  • I love it! I like to explore animation, especially traditional line animation. I can’t wait on my first year at SCAD. I know I’ll start at the basics before diving into making my own animations.

    On the animation itself, it’s wonderful. I like the fighting mixed with the ballet dancing and Godzilla marching in. The drawn/sketch style is interesting: raw, powerful, and graceful.