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WEB PREMIERE: “Sunday” by Patrick Doyon

We are pleased to present–courtesy of our sponsor The National Film Board of Canada–the exclusive on-line debut of Patrick Doyon‘s Annie-nominated film, Sunday. It’s clever, quirky and stylishly hand drawn, with a limited color palette that defines its nostalgic point of view. Sunday captures a child’s imagination as only a keenly observant cartoonist can. Sunday is also part of the new NFB dvd compilation Animation Express 2.

Credits after the jump.

Script: Patrick Doyon
Animation: Patrick Doyon
Direction: Patrick Doyon
Editing: Jelena Popovic
Music: Luigi Allemano
Sound design: Luigi Allemano
Voice: Chantal Baril, Natalie Hamel Roy, Jacques Lavallée, François Sasseville, Nicolas Scott
Recording: Geoffrey Mitchell, Luc Léger
Sound mixer: Jean Paul Vialard
Special Advisor: Jean-Philippe Fauteux

  • This is one of the two or three excellent films on that short list. I’d be happy if it won the Award.

  • That was wonderful.

  • Beautiful!
    Gorgeous level of craftsmanship from A-Z.

  • J.M.

    I always thougth Oscar Nomminated shorts cou;d not be uploaded to the web before the awards

  • Often times I find that 10 minute long shorts, despite my love for animation, just don’t hold my interest. Well, it seems that’s because of their quality and depth, not my lack of attention span, because that was brilliant and captivating. A wonderful short, I wish more were like it!

  • I really enjoyed that. What a pleasant short. This is why I read Cartoon Brew, I’d never find these gems otherwise. Thanks!

  • Original, weird and wonderful! I appreciate the film’s limited colour palette. It keep the attention on the action and story. The macabre elements are unexpected and give it a dark edge. The cars? Best animated cars since The Flintstones.

  • Doug

    I just love this! Funny how I had just finished writing an email to a friend re: Tintin and the direction the industry seems to be heading and then I watched this.

  • daniel

    great style but didn’t feel like the short had anything to say~

  • Lots of fun little touches thrown in there.

  • Mitch Kennedy

    This wonderful short had everything to say! The melancholic existence of being a child in a boring adult world. I hear ya, Patrick!

  • YES!! I LOVE this film! First captured my eye at Annecy and maintained that hold at Ottawa. Really lovely and quirky and excellent. Bravo, Patrick!

  • sarah

    it’s always nice to see my teacher’s (luigi allemano) work on this site :D FYI check out all the films on the NFB website there’s a lot of good ones.

  • Smashing stuff Patrick. Been eager to see that for a long time. A little nod to ‘The Big Snit’ with the fathers obsession with sawing perhaps?

  • john baxter

    What happened to the credits for the artists?

  • Re-uploaded in French here: