“Tape Generations” by Johan Rijpma “Tape Generations” by Johan Rijpma

“Tape Generations” by Johan Rijpma

A bunch of rolls of tape and a glass plate don’t sound like the ingredients for a captivating piece of animation. That is, unless you’re Johan Rijpma. Stick with this one (pun intended); it starts out slow, but picks up in the second half. The slow unwinding of the tape combined with its staccato pops off the screen creates a sense of unexpected foreboding that is further amplified by the sound design.

(Thanks, Tom)

  • This is really beautiful. Like the formation of ice.

  • Jay Sabicer

    He either is using extremely clean glass to attach those tapestrips and rolls, or using LePage’s tape. That stuff couldn’t stick white on rice.

    I just read on Wikipedia that peeling off Scotch tape in a vacuum can generate a glowing light. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triboluminescence
    I wonder if such a phenomenon, paired with this type of time-lapse would add anything to this gripping short film.

  • Brian

    I actually put this up on the CB Facebook page on Friday. Cool stuff!

  • Frank

    Simply amazing. Thanks for sharing!

  • Rose

    That was real bizarre. (In a good way.)

    Popcorn and jellyfish come to mind.

  • quiá rodrigues

    The ritm. inventivit and sound is so so cool!