<em>Tarboy</em> by James Lee <em>Tarboy</em> by James Lee

Tarboy by James Lee

Here’s a stylish flash animation about robots and revenge, Tarbooy:

(Thanks, Thorsten Fleisch)

  • That was a lot of fun! That battle scene was delicious.

  • Chris J.

    Absolutely delightful. Entertaining, beautiful, and original. Well done!

  • Gustavo

    Addictive, I want more taaaaaaaaaaaaarboy.

  • Josef

    It’s nice to see some Flash animation get some love.

  • Romulo

    AMAZING! this stuff is what makes you want open flash start doing animation!!! I’m really wordless!

  • This guy can not only tell a great story but his editing, transitions and overall construction is a stand-out for me. If they ever gave out ‘best editing awards’ in animation festivals, this would be up there

  • Very nice, very nice indeed!

  • Tekena

    I would hate this if it weren’t so cute.

  • Pretty awesome stuff. The visuals and audio are obviously very impressive – though I did not there was a lack of much needed Foley/atmos/ect for a minute there after the 2:20 mark or so. Otherwise this is a pretty well crafted film. Not to mention the soundtrack is available for download on the website – joy!

  • JD

    Shut up Billy! LOL. The old guy’s been hittin’ the hard stuff again.

  • Saw this on NewGrounds.com a long while ago and loved it! Their other shorts are just as awesome and addictive too. You can see their stuff on either newgrounds or the Tar Boy website.

  • It’s a fantastic piece animation, from the plot to transitions/storyboarding to the acting all the way down to the animation. Just goes to show you that Flash CAN be used to create some professional-looking stuff. I patiently await its sequel.

  • Blah

    Let me yell…bloody funking hell!! Fantastico!

  • This was amazing! Outstanding Flash animation. BRAVO!

  • Absolutely amazing! I found myself tapping my foot to the music the whole time! This guy is an animation genius! :)