“Tattoo Step” by Mike Maryniuk “Tattoo Step” by Mike Maryniuk

“Tattoo Step” by Mike Maryniuk

I’ve been a fan of Winnipeg-based Mike Maryniuk ever since I saw Cattle Call, a 2008 short he co-directed with Matthew Rankin. Mike recently posted another one of his films on-line, Tattoo Step, a high-energy experimental affair that celebrates the inherent beauty in temporary tattoos:

Made with nothing but thousands of temporary tattoos and a strip of 35mm leader. A tip of the hat to Stan Brakhage’s “Moth Light”.

  • Rebecca


  • Not that I didn’t think this was cool, but I got the point after about 15 seconds… makes me like that 37 second Duct Tape Tron even more.

  • Kit

    Seriously cool, I need to get a temporary tattoo but I need to find some meaningful tattoo quotes to go with it. The video was good really liked the beginning for some reason it reminded me of DNA strands – Also liked the devils and demons part that was seriously wicked.