Teat Beat of Sex by Signe Baumane Teat Beat of Sex by Signe Baumane

Teat Beat of Sex by Signe Baumane

The first three episodes of Signe Baumane’s outrageous Teat Beat of Sex, a funny and courageous fifteen-part series of lectures from a woman’s point of view. Watching these semi-autobiographical shorts makes one realize how little animation there is that expresses a personal viewpoint about sex. They’re NSFW as are most good things in life.
  • YES! These are brilliant. There should be 500 of them.

  • Connie Pinko

    As a woman, I absolutely love these shorts! Very honest (and true)!

  • Nothing like the power of animation to speak the truth. This woman does it well.

    More! More!

  • I love these SO much!!!! Signe is brilliant and amazing!

    I first saw one (or two?) of these at Annecy, I think at Plympton and Nancy’s “Annecy Plus”.

    We showed a few of these amazing films at Animation Attack! 2009 and the audience loved ’em!

    Signe, thank you for making these, and Amid, thank you for promoting this kind of independent, personal animation :)

  • Professor Widebottom

    Can we call that a “Cartoon Dump” @ 00:24 ?

  • man, this and the medusa short are so awesome. what a great double post today!

  • I met Ms Baumane at the MOCCA Arts Fest in New York and she was a great deal of fun to talk to. Best of all I got two DVD’s including Teat Beat signed by her. She assured me that I would love the cartoons on Teat which I did. I laughed almost to the point of tears. All I have to say is that she really needs to do more.

    • Tedzey

      Me too! I LOVED talking to her and bill plympton. She was especially inspiring! I took a picture of me, her and bill!

  • More, more-faster, faster!! It’s fun to see and hear women talk about sex like this. I wish I was more prude, so that I would be shocked somehow by this.

  • great idea and execution
    this personal stuff is actually worthwhile rather than the mountain of blogs about cats and people twittering what they had for lunch. I think everyone should make something like this. autobiographical cartoons would be good for students to learn story telling

  • Autumn

    I love how blunt and honest this all is. As it should be.

  • FP

    These should be on SESAME STREET.

  • David Levy

    All of her films in this series are fantastic!

  • She is liberated and is delightful. Right on! She must be from Europe…..(born in Latvia, studied in Moscow).
    Tex Avery in the 40’s and Ralph Bakshi in the 70’s explored sex, horniness (the wolf), and both had strong personal views on the subject. Oh, yes, and Bill Plympton, 90’s onward, of course. Otherwise? Thers’s not much else on this subject in the history of animation as far as I know….too bad.
    Don’t get me started on how utterly puritanical the US STILL is after all these decades…and the counter-culture 60’s when we all got freed from the old-fashioned stiffling morality (being “uptight” was not cool) was over 40 years ago; some people still haven’t gotten the memo…..for those who have, let’s see it!!

  • Signe is a superstar.

  • She is one of my big animation heros! There was a great interview with Signe a few weeks ago on the Frezner Foreman Animation Podcast. it’s worth checking out.

  • For a 15 minute short, she actually had some points.

  • The Ridgecity

    We needs a male answer to this… Wait we already have Tex Avery’s Wolf.