Temple Rider Temple Rider

Temple Rider

This incredibly surreal Cantonese animated film was uploaded yesterday by Hong Kong-based studio Simage Animation & Media. Temple Rider is fairly easy to understand without subtitles – and absolutely beautiful to look at. According to the studio, “the girl in our story (Yan) is a reflection of the new generation in Hong Kong. She is very protective by her family and does not even have the guts to ride on a two-wheel bicycle. One day, she finds a magic temple and her new challenge begins.”

(Thanks, Al Young at Twitchfilm)

  • PeteR

    Stunning. Thank you.

  • What a beautiful little story

  • Mmm. Love that.

  • Yvette Kaplan

    Wow. Magnificent Jerry, thank you. Its absolutely beautiful indeed, in every way.

  • I loved the designs and the scratchy/colored pencil look to it. I thought it could’ve been shortened down a bit but I thought it was great fun!

  • tomm

    makes me more interested in CGs possiblities

  • eeteed

    very well done!

  • alan

    Nice fresh style with some great colourful set pieces. Well done to all involved!

  • …not gonna cry, not gonna cry, not gonna…oh too late.

  • Nancy Beiman

    This is gorgeous.