Ten Episodes of ‘Karnival’ by Jun seo Hahm Ten Episodes of ‘Karnival’ by Jun seo Hahm

Ten Episodes of ‘Karnival’ by Jun seo Hahm


We first wrote about Jun seo Hahm‘s series of super-short shorts Karnival back in 2007 when it was starting up. Since then, Jun has completed the series with ten episodes, all created in his distinctive hand-drawn vectorized style. Some of the later ones, like Flashlight Dog and Toaster, really make me smile with their perfect combination of the whimsical, cute and disturbing. The ten shorts can be seen at Karnival.tv.

  • I really, really like this on so many different levels. Thanks for sharing it!

  • Wow! Very cool stuff! I can’t imagine how he animated this in vectors. It’s so smooth and in-betweened and the shading works perfectly. Anyone know how he did it?