Terry Gilliam’s Storytime Terry Gilliam’s Storytime

Terry Gilliam’s Storytime

Storytime (1968) was the first film directed by Terry Gilliam. The visual style should be familiar to all Gilliam fans.

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  • Great stuff!

    Gotta love Gilliam.

    Thanks for posting Amid.

  • Jesse H.

    Wonderful! How could I have missed seeing this for so long?

  • Brilliant.
    Some of this can be seen in stills form in the very silly book Animations of Mortality.

  • I remember when I was watching his new movie “Tideland” I was so hoping he’d have some of his silly animation in it. It’s always funny. But alas there wasn’t.

    Never seen this. Haven’t laughed this hard in a long time. Thank you, Amid.


    STOP – STOP – STOP!!! We’ll have none of this…. it’s silly!

  • ANIMATIONS OF MORTALITY contains the storyboards from ALBERT EINSTEIN, one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. How nice to see the finished film! (Where can I get it on DVD?)
    Thanks for posting this!

  • The “Albert Einstein” segment was shown in the “Marty Feldman Comedy Machine” summer replacement show in 1971. Maybe more bits of this film were used there, too, but that’s all I recall.

    There’s a show that needs a DVD collection.

  • Sensational. Super-clean source too! “Christmas Card” was actually originally done for the “Do Not Adjust Your Set” Christmas special “Do Not Adjust Your Stocking”. The kids in the live studio audience were screaming with delight at this when it originally aired, so this must be a pre-broadcast master that someone rescued.

  • Sounds like Terry G. himself doing the narration, with his voice pitched up slightly.

  • Craig
  • wundermild

    > (Where can I get it on DVD?)

    There appears to be a French (Region 2, PAL format) disc, “Le Court des grands” which has “Storytime” on it (can be purchased e.g. at amazon.fr or fnac.com; not sure about availability in U.S.).


    In the mid-’70’s, the BBC screened a very untypical, but welcome series entitled ‘THE DO-IT YOURSELF FILM ANIMATION SHOW’——a years-ahead-of its-time production. This featured advice and tips from prominent UK-based animators, including BOB GODFREY and RICHARD WILLIAMS. A relatively-youthful TERRY GILLIAM helmed a healthy segment in one show, in which he revealed the secrets of his animation process……….this ‘cut-out’ technique appears relatively simple compared to full-blown cel animation, and i was inspired enough to have a bash. However, i soon discovered it was extremely difficult to find totally random photo materials that fitted together well in collage……………i discovered, years later, that GILLIAM had to ‘tweak’ the scale of existing artwork/photos in the studio photocopier………there is a LOT more to this form of animation than is first apparent. GLORIOUSLY MACABRE, however, and definitely the work of an auteur.

  • anyone have any idea where i could find an article or interview or video of Gilliam talking in greater detail about his animation process? thanks