Thanksgiving Leftovers Thanksgiving Leftovers

Thanksgiving Leftovers

Here’s a couple of odds and ends I didn’t around to posting this past week. First up, Chris Jones spent six years making The Passenger and has a blog detailing everything about it.

Next, this short below by Christophe Lopez-Huici is Not Safe for Work (but that’s okay since most of us have the day off). I don’t know why I like it, but the combination of the music and crude stop-motion sorta works for me. More by this animator here.

And finally, this controversial commercial from the UK, created by Mother, for airline pollution activists, Plane Stupid:

  • Jonah Sidhom

    The first one made no sense to me, but I loved watching it.

  • I really liked the first two! Even though The Passenger is a tad strange, I found the acting and expressions quite funny. At least it establishes rules for the weird universe its in and keeps to them. The atmosphere is also really nice. Everything was so quiet at the beginning, you really get a distinct mood out of it.

    As for the Mother ad… Wow. Reminds me of PETA. Instead of throwing blood on fur coats, they’re throwing bloody polar bears on my windshield.

  • Grimmy

    Re: The Passenger: Not bad. I liked the titles and credits more than the film itself. It took too long to get to the point. We, as the audience, ought to be the last to know what makes the transformation happen. Instead, we are left frustrated that the main character hasn’t figured it out.

  • creepy

    that commercial is stupid.

  • That last film….
    …a few years ago the SciFi channel had a wonderful program called Exposure that played short films late at night. Among those were “MORE” and “Prelude to Eden”

    But one was alot like that last film. It was a film featuring a group of ultra-realistic cgi elephants tumbling out of the sky in slow motion, with the final shot being a street sweeper cleaning all the huge holes the elephants bodies left after they hit.

    Anyone have any idea what film I’m talking about?

  • I really question the figures put out by the commercial. First, its speaking in generalizations – secondly…. oh, never mind. Activists.

    Never let the facts stand in the way of a good argument.

  • Isaac

    Classic rock! YEAH! The Hexxers sound like a lot of fun.

  • Whether you agree with the figures and the message presented in the last film is not the point. The point is how potently they manage to convey the message with that crude hyper-realistic immolation of arctic plantigrades. That’s what I find interesting.

    Would the message have been more effective if they had opted for more cartoonish animation methods?

    Although I concede it might not be the greatest choice for something to watch after gobbling up the Thanksgiving dinner’s leftovers ;)

  • Love the multiple camera setups and angles of the Hexxers piece! It’s cut like a live-action music video.

  • Polar Bears: Actually, I’ve heard independent review of the statistics for this analogy are on the conservative side. Per person emissions from a flight have a weight more equal to 1.2 bears.

  • Jamie

    Great work on “The Passenger”! Looks like so much thought went into each and every shot. Congratulations!

  • zekey,

    the film is called “protest” and you can find it here:

    as soon as i saw the commercial this was the first thing i thought of. complete ripoff but nicely done anyway.

  • Chris Smigliano

    The Polar Bear one makes me think of the old episode of WKRP IN CINCINATTI in which they tried a thanskgiving promotion by throwing live turkeys out of a helicopter.

  • the passenger….. completely marvellous

  • RE: ” Plane Stupid “.
    I love it! I thought my short,, was over the top.
    I think they made a really funny video. I mean, they can’t seriously believe that someone from Europe going to a business meeting in New York would row a canoe there, do they?
    Very tongue in cheek.

  • No Fooksie, they seriously think they might use video conferencing instead.