“The Box” by Dadomani “The Box” by Dadomani
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“The Box” by Dadomani

The Box: Poltergeist is a delighful throwback to older animated films where personality animation and movement itself were often the source of entertainment. The film, the first in a proposed series by Milan-based Dadomani Studio, barely has a setup. For a three-minute short though, I’m perfectly happy with “a man and his dog watch TV.” What makes The Box special is how the filmmaker and animator present the gags and thoughts of the characters through a purely visual language. They uncover a surprisingly full range of motion (and emotion) for characters that one would expect to have a limited range because of their design. It’s quite an accomplishment, not to mention great fun to watch.

Idea, Production, Animation supervision, Direction: Dadomani Studio
Screenplay: Stefano Armeni
Director of photography: Patrizio Saccò
Animation: Dario Imbrogno
Sound: Enrico Ascoli
Fluid simulation: Dario Cavaliere

  • The Gee

    It is a fun film. The eyes do a lot for the dog, and its (cypher?) owner.

  • Bill Perkins

    That is delightful and very entertaining. Great fun. Kudos to the film makers.

  • Wow, it’s really charming and genuine. Two thumbs up!

  • Ryan

    Sorry, this one made me nauseous – I’m all for energetic and lively stuff, but the constant yapping and panting and all the bouncing, combined with the time of night I watched it… I couldn’t make it all the way through!