<em>The Cat Piano</em> Trailer <em>The Cat Piano</em> Trailer

The Cat Piano Trailer

Here’s the stylish trailer for The Cat Piano, a just-completed animated short by our friends at the People’s Republic of Animation in Adelaide, Australia. The short is directed by Eddie White and Ari Gibson and its content described as, “a city of singing cats is preyed upon by a shadowy figure intent on performing a twisted feline symphony.” We offered White’s earlier short, Carnivore Reflux, co-directed with James Calvert, way back when we launched Cartoon Brew Films. That short can now be seen on YouTube. The guys at PRA are enthusiastic, young and skilled, which is a powerful combination. It’s commendable that they continue doing shorts inbetween their busy workload of TV commercials, music videos and long-form commissioned projects.

  • super cool… all that there… yeah… nice

  • zoltano zoltanovics

    mant…! thats majestic indeed!

  • Wow, I love the look of that. Fluid animation, – not in a Disney or trying to be old WB-cartoony way and, even better, not a Flash ‘retro’-type thing. Looks lovely and I really like the strong colours and high contrast. Nice.

  • Steve Gattuso

    Looks great. The dark aesthetic between the music, animation, and narration blends together seamlessly.

  • That looks great . So nice to see stylish hand-drawn animation of this caliber.

    They have a production blog:


  • Absolutely sleek! I can’t wait to see the short itself.

  • Justin

    Very slick indeed! It reminds me of a crime noir!

  • I’d like to see this very much. I didn’t like Carnivore Reflux very much, but Cat Piano looks really beautiful.

  • Spike

    Amazing. And these are twenty-something year-olds. I wonder where they’ll be in decade’s time.