<em>The Cat With Hands</em> by Robert Morgan <em>The Cat With Hands</em> by Robert Morgan
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The Cat With Hands by Robert Morgan

This little live action/animation horror film was made in 2001 and has been around the internet for a year or two. I just found it online today, and figure it’s worth a post as I will be heading over to Monsterpalooza this afternoon.

(Thanks, Tim Hodge)

  • hannah

    oh god

    i almost couldn’t finish it

  • Redkanary

    I remember seeing this around ’04 after being linked through Neil Gaiman’s blog. Wonderful creepy stuff.

  • NC

    Stop motion has so much potential. I’d love to see more stop-mo horror. Loved it!

  • this guy

    Hey Rob gave some lectures at my university, great guy with a different take on stop motion, loves the strange style, and i think its something to be explored!

  • rick

    You know for some reason I found this sort of…………….dumb.

  • Sherrie

    That was unsettling, though a bit predictable towards the end.

    The stop-mo was decent, I liked that they went that route instead of some CG.

  • Now this is something that would be fitting to see theatrically before the latest Horror feature.

  • Is this based off of a folk tale, or was it an original story? Neat animation; stop motion is great for horror. Though, it was a bit predictable.

  • I watched this a few weeks ago from a link via the Comic Alliance, and it scared the be-jeezus out of me. Even worse was that I had just adopted a cat about two weeks before I saw this. :s I couldn’t sleep for two days. XD

  • jic

    That brings back memories. Robert’s a friend of a friend, and I remember talking to him about this short while he was in the middle of making it. I believe this was the first time he’d directed a live-action sequence.

    Stephanie: If I remember correctly, it was an original story.

  • I would have liked it if the ending was more horrific! I think if some cat just bit my tongue off and wrangled it out of my mouth. There would be more blood and horror.

  • the ending wasn’t what did it for me – the moment where the cat grabs the boy’s wrist! Oh, god!

  • jic


    As I recall, it was commissioned for a 7:55pm new animation slot right after the news on the UK’s Channel 4, so it couldn’t be too gory or disturbing. As it turned out, it *was* too gory and disturbing for them, and ended up getting a late-night slot a few months later.