“The Chase” by Philippe Gamer “The Chase” by Philippe Gamer

“The Chase” by Philippe Gamer

Okay, this is pretty friggin’ insane… but has a great punchline. Philippe Gamer produced and directed this film out of Paris-based VFX and game animation studio Space Patrol. Buckle up…

  • Very satisfying, although big chunks of it appeared to be a TV ad for cars and/or breast implants. Also it would be nice to see a copy without subtitles.

  • Nik

    Nice ending. Very cute. :)

  • Michel Van

    this is a excellent work of animation and story (Guy, no Spoilers please )
    Except for Cars TV ad or Was this sponsored by a certain japanese car manufacture ?

    And for the character design, i hope this is never see by Revy from Anime Black Lagoon
    otherwise a Torpedo boat from Borneo drive up the river Seine ;-)

  • Great short. Nice production and story.

    My only comment is that there is no way that a 4 cylinder Nissan Murano could outrun a V8 Police Cruiser. Likewise, although the “loop” sequence is fantastic – the cop cars would have better chances of surviving it than the Nissan’s did.

    Yeah, yeah – this was probably a sponsored video, but…

  • lola

    Looks very cool and all that but I agree that a lot of it looked like an ad for some car. And I don’t even think that cute punch line makes up for the crappy shaky action sequences you see in every single crappy action movie out there.

  • Jody Morgan

    Michael Bay is soooo jealous right now…

  • Old Man Father Time

    I wonder if the backgrounds way in the distance are photos. The city itself looks incredibly detailed and lit to be CG!

    And yeah, was this a tie-in for a car commercial, or did they just want to get the rights from the car companies?

  • Lib

    Yet another demo reel for special effects pretending to be a shortfilm. There’s tons of this out there.

    I was also bothered by the huge clash between the highly stylized characters and the extremely photorealistic environments.

  • Van

    Here are the goods:
    1. Nice CG/models
    2. Lighting was good.

    The not-so-goods:
    1. Ugly human designs.
    2. Weak story.
    3. Stiff character animation.
    4. Suspension of disbelief was nonexistent.
    5. Annoying acting.

  • Conor

    The ending was clever-ish, but the preceding minutes were too… just… bad (there’s really no other word) for me to care. Bland design, obnoxious voices, stale writing, and more physics than animation.

    • Ergo

      Agreed. The first three quarters had to be better. Clearly they don’t know how to direct action scenes either.

  • Julian

    I-95 and the city sort of looks like Miami, but then they’re in the desert? Are the French confusing Florida with California? Again?

  • Oluseyi

    The cute ending doesn’t really make up for the socially unredeeming film as a whole. It gets a passing grade, but just barely.

  • Genaro

    Even if the action sequences looks cheesy, I think execution is very good for this type of film. If you don’t like the genre, then you don’t like the genre, but that doesn’t make it a bad film. If you work on 3D, you know how much work this involved, this is no easy job for a small studio, and it shows their capabilities in a fun and entertaining way. Much better than looking at a traditional portfolio reel.

  • Kyle Maloney

    Uncanny valley is a genre now?

  • GW

    I really liked this short. It didn’t seem uncanny to me, in fact the characters were much better looking than the other similar examples I’ve seen in CG short films.