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The Chestnut Tree


Bert and Jennifer Klein just finished producing a very charming 4-minute hand drawn short called The Chestnut Tree. It was directed and animated by a young woman named Hyun-min Lee, who is making her directorial debut. The film was executive produced by Don Hahn. Sorry for the late notice, but it’s screening this weekend for Academy qualification with the filmmakers present at both of the Sunday showings. Here are the details:

Laemmle Sunset 5
8000 Sunset Blvd. West Hollywood, CA 90046
Sun, Sept. 9th, 2007 • 11:05 AM and 11:50 AM

  • Anne

    Congratulations Hyun-min!! (and Bert and Jennifer, too! :)

    I was lucky enough to catch a lunchtime screening of this short a few weeks ago…absolutely beautiful and very, very impressive.

  • greg manwaring

    I look forward to seeing this – both Bert and Jennifer are immensely talented animators, so it will be quite the treat!

    With Don Hahn producing does this make this a Disney short?

  • Is this going to have anything to do with creative design or… that one Orwell poem.. I think… I’ll have to do some more research on something I heard once about Orwell going to a cafe called The Chestnut Tree to drink coffee and write.. or something of that nature…

  • Yay, we got a sneak peek at the film when we visited Jen and Bert on our recent trip to the states and it’s a really beautiful short, both the animation and story are just awesome! Well done Hyun-min!!

  • “With Don Hahn producing does this make this a Disney short?”

    It’s considered a Picnic Pictures short.

  • Scott O.

    Hyun-min is an amazing animator and that film is absolutely fantastic… not to mention that she’s ultra cool!

    Good luck!!