<em>The Chimney</em> <em>The Chimney</em>

The Chimney

Not exactly animation (though there’s some pixilation), Steve Cloutier’s The Chimney makes terrific use of a cartoon music favorite: Powerhouse by Raymond Scott.

Pssst! Also check out Cloutier’s website devoted to LeRoy Shield.

(Thanks, Leonard Maltin)

  • Keith Paynter

    Well, it ain’t Voisines (Neighbours), however, I will say that the short does time itself well to Scott’s classic. Liked the Stan Laurel gag.

  • That’s some good work… and some good social commentary…
    Except now I want a cigarette.

  • zavkram

    To paraphrase a line of dialogue from Ernst Lubitsch’s 1940 comedy, “The Shop Around The Corner”:

    I think this short will make smokers out of cartoon-lovers and cartoon-lovers out of smokers… :) :) :)

    I thought it was funny, overall, but I got grossed out looking at those shots of that overflowing ashtray!

  • he’s gotta lotta stamina for a chain smoker!

  • Mike Fontanelli

    It needed a more compelling star – preferably an trained pantomimist or a good, broad “Burlesque” clown like Bill Irwin or Rowan Atkinson.
    Think what Jack Gilford or Zero Mostel in his prime would have done with it.

  • The short worked for me. Of course, the score is the best part. I also enjoyed the “Way Out West” reference. The cigarette acrobatics were also good. The actor was perfect in the role.