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“The Deep” by PES

PES‘s latest short, The Deep was created for Showtime’s new “Short Stories” initiative, which should be abundantly clear since Showtime has thoughtlessly plastered their logo over the entire length of the film. If you can move beyond that corporate absurdity, you’ll discover one of PES’s most complex pieces underneath. What really impresses in this piece is how PES is able to discover the organic beauty within rigid, mechanical structures. The sophistication of his timing and movement induce believability of metal tools as organic undersea creatures.

Written, Directed, and Animated by PES
Producer(s): Sarah Phelps, PES
VFX Compositing: Wolfgang Maschin, Demiurge

  • I LOVE THIS! Beautiful–I do not mind the logo in the corner.

  • Jack Sprat

    Showtime also debuted new, weird work from Don Hertzfeldt, Cyriak, and other cool animators a month ago as part of “Short Stories.” Where y’all been?

  • Carolyn Bates


  • GW

    That’s a beautiful use of found objects. I’ve wondered for a while what would happen if filmmakers didn’t stop at found objects but kept going towards produced products? Get everything straight from the source. I know that George Pal got outside help to make a short film with glass figurines.

    Somebody ought to place a custom order on a product so that when they’re seen in the right order, it introduces the brand and tells the viewer to buy their product with animated text because the filmmaker said so.

  • I loved it.

    I don’t see the harm in the corporate logo for the duration of the film – it’s discreet and I didn’t even notice it until I re-read the post and watched the film again, I was too caught up in the animation. Besides, they paid for it (presumably – and paid well, hopefully).

  • alan

    The inventiveness and originality in PES’ work always blows me away. The moment with the purse and key is brilliant!

  • mesmerizing! I was so enthralled by the sea creatures that I didn’t even see the logo.

  • This is great. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. This type of animated film is right in line with my way of thinking. Love it!

  • Man I LOVE PEZ! Visually stunning and utterly original.

    Keep it up guys! Cheers