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“The Duke” by Jonathan Campo

Jonathan Campo

I love the illustrative-collage animation style of Brooklyn-based painter Jonathan Campo and hope he continues to explore this quirky approach to filmmaking. Especially if he applies it to something more substantial than tired “Adult Swim”-esque non sequiturs and awkward pauses.

(via Meathaus)

  • Jason

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  • Spencer

    The adult swim style at once fresh and original (and though i still love it) is becoming a cliche and a tool for those too lazy to come up with something more original. But I think it’s good in this case to test out the fertile ground of such a refreshing look. Great stuff.

  • El Dukay

    Why single out Adult swim? Go have a conversation with someone and see if there aren’t awkward pauses, especially if it’s about your co-worker’s sandwich. Or watch Jarmusch, Cassavetes, or almost any independent film.

  • Ariel

    Omg… El DUke-ayyyyy was hilarious :)