“The Eagleman Stag” trailer “The Eagleman Stag” trailer
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“The Eagleman Stag” trailer

The Eagleman Stag is a new short by 26-year-old London-based animator Mike Please, who is a graduate of Royal College of Art. It has some nice translucency and film grain effects that lend the computer animation a handmade feel.

Oh wait, it’s not computer animation:

This trailer had me totally fooled when I saw it. By paring down his stop motion models to their rawest element–unpainted foam–Mike achieves strikingly distinctive look. A few months ago, I purchased a hot wire foam sculpting tool on a whim, so intrigued was I by the device after watching a live demonstration. I’m even more fascinated by the possibilities of foam after watching this trailer.

  • MichaelHughes

    You had me fooled, I expected something that would look like CG, and that would have grain effects, but it just looked like stop motion.

  • I saw this a few weeks ago. I am very impressed. Minimal but filled with exquisite details.

    This is looking to be one of my favorite shorts of the upcoming year. Kudos to mr please.

  • FP

    Great looking stuff.

    Hot-wire foam sculpting is a great way to develop some champion coughing fits. That deliciously translucent substance is a beautiful irritant.

  • A jigsaw is a much better tool for foam cutting than a hot wire, wear super serious dust mask protection either way tho!!!!!

    • I mean it’s WAY messier of course but much more easy to control and to cut straight/even lines… and just try backing a hot wire out of a cut… :-S

      • amid

        Tim – You’ve clearly never used the particular tool I linked to above nor understand how it works, so I’d suggest that you stop misleading everybody with ill-informed opinions of what’s a more effective cutting tool. Anyway, the topic isn’t foam cutting, it’s the trailer above.

      • Amid, snarky much? You know, maybe he’s right? Actually, I’ll say that he in fact IS right. Try using that hot wire sometime, maybe you’ll see what he means.

        This trailer looks incredible, I can’t wait to see the whole film. Very unique style… Just a reminder of the chances you can take these days shooting stop motion with digital technology.

      • Haha I admit I did post my advice/opinion on foam cutting in a pointlessly argumentative way, but never imagined I’d start foam cutting beefs so easily. ^__^

        To be fair for the fine detail work in this film a hot wire would be good/essential too, both have their advantages and disadvantages.

        Polystyrene foam cutting is SERIOUS BUSINESS.

  • Now THIS is interesting.
    The filmmaker is using unconventional materials to tell an interesting and mature story. I’d much rather see this than the millionth STAR WARS-TRIBUTE retread.
    Good stuff!

  • Hello Cartoon Brew, thanks for posting the trailer! Just to set the record straight neither jig saw nor hot wire cutter were used anywhere near the making of this. I karate chopped it all into shape with the sharp side of my palm. on second thoughts, that’s going to confuse people, I just used a scalpel.
    Thanks for the feedback, hope you enjoy the full film as much!