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“The Flaming C” Trailer

Flaming C

Conan O’Brien’s visit with Bruce Timm last December resulted in this faux-trailer for The Flaming C which debuted Friday at the Comic-Con.

  • Well it looks better than most comic book adaptation movies!

  • TJR

    It’s the Oven Mitt……Chicks dig the Oven Mitt

    PS: Can anyone tell me what is he yelling out at around :45?

    • eeteed

      “…i came back for you…”

      • TJR

        Thanks :)

  • Nick

    How much further will they take this?

  • Michael F.

    Mmm, looks goooood! They have made a few animated bits for display on Conan too. There’s one that features him and other superheroes stopping a robot controlled by Andy Richter.

    • eeteed

      andy richter would be a great super villain!

    • snip2346

      Oh it looks GOOD!

  • At least animators are working. What else can you really say?

  • Igor

    No CG is remotely as impressive as a good trained dog act.

    • GW

      Well I can see you’re ruff and ready.

  • “Beyond your imagination.”

    Yes, way, way beyond… but I still want backstory.

  • So is this the only time you are going to post about our stuff at WB Amid? Why no love for the action adventure work we do?

    • Well if Amid won’t show you any love I will. I have really enjoyed Batman Brave and the Bold and never thought in a million years I’d like Aquaman. It’s sad it’s going away.

    • cst

      Yeah, they’ve got some kind of anti-adventure bias here.In the REAL world, Bruce Timm is considered MUCH more important and influential than guys like John K.
      (Seriously, BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES was as important to Superhero cartoons as THE SIMPSONS was to humor cartoons- it broke all the rules, reset the standards, and inspired a generation of cartoonists to follow in it’s footsteps.It was a game-changer of the highest order; that’s not even a debatable point anymore. But around here, they seem to think it’s inferior to crappy 1970’s Hanna Barbera stuff).

      • Bart

        You know, the word “world” implies that superheroes and Bruce Timm are important worldwide. Superheroes are mostly a love affair for Americans, the rest of the world really doesn’t care.

        So yeah, he’s big with geeks here, but for other countries who appreciate variety and more mature themes and stories in animation just don’t care about the WB factory stuff.

        I guess Koreans care though, because they’ve gotta do the majority of the work.

      • cst

        I said he was more important than guys like John K. I stand by it. Timm’s stuff HAS had an influence on foreign animators (He’s one of the few American animators whose shows have been big in Japan, for instance).
        You don’t have to like his stuff; but it’s success, in America and abroad, with adults and children, deserves at least respect.
        Frankly, when I see cliquish cartoon buffs turn their noses up at a particular “genre”, I can’t help but be reminded of the elitists who turn THEIR noses up at the entire MEDIUM.

      • Funkybat

        I don’t understand why some animators and animation geeks have to be so political about it. I understand people can have particular tastes, but as someone who loves good animation, period, I have a place in my “mental DVD shelf” for both John K. and Bruce Timm. Having to “choose” between zany funny animal cartoons and episodic action adventure shows is like deciding which is “better” between ice cream sundaes and donuts, or baseball or football. I’m reminded of Mayor Quimby’s agitated quip, “It can be two things!”

        I personally prefer to see the artistic medium of animation have a wide range of expression. Imagine if the only kinds of live-action movies that ever got made were either sci-fi epics or romantic comedies. Nothing could ever stray too far from one of those genres, and NEVER should those two blend with one another. It’s just absurd.

        Even types of animation that don’t interest me as much are still often beautiful works of art. For instance, with live action, I’ll never be a LOTR geek, but I’m able to see that it’s an amazing film series. I don’t see why it’s so hard to acknowledge quality art, even when it’s not your “thing.”

      • Bart

        I think you’re misunderstanding. Stuff for 11 year old boys is always going to exist, and good on it.

        The problem is when there’s a complete market over “mature” superhero movies and tons of Bruce Timm shows based on the same old junk we’ve seen decades and decades before. It’s so ridiculously oversaturated here that no one can breathe. More innovative or artistic animators get shoved aside.

        I still don’t believe in the “REAL WORLD” that Bruce Timm is some kind of god. World involving animation and who actually knows animators by name, I doubt Bruce Timm is really someone to learn from or get better by studying. His stuff is good for mechandising and outsourcing to Koreans because it’s so simple. That’s all it is. Measuring how great he is by units sold is ignorant.

        And besides, part of what’s good about Cartoon Brew is they report on different stuff than most people, stuff that would go unnoticed many times if they didn’t. Why not read every other site on the internet involving comics or superheroes if that’s the news you want? Why would Cartoon Brew do that here everyday?


    Geee, it looks like in the USA they can throw a lot of money out of the window!OR SHOULD I SAY IT’S NOT TIME TO THROW MONEY OUT OF THE WINDOW…

    • eeteed

      if you are our neighbor you should be HAPPY that we are throwing money out of our window.

  • Elisa

    Bah, why is he straight? Being gay would it make it more interesting!! :D

  • Krayon

    I’m going to assume that Jay Leno is probably going to be named the “Big J or Gay J” and George Lopez make a camo appearance as the hot burrito or something.

    I hope this is going to be a Direct to DVD because if it’s coming to theaters, it be a big waste of money/time

    • eeteed

      Jay Leno plays The Crimson Chin on “Fairly Oddparents”.

      • snip2346

        Craig Ferguson will be the mad scientist second-in-command, and Jimmy Fallon will be the loser villain the other villains want to ignore.

  • Metallicfire

    I’d rather see it as a video game on the XBox Live Marketplace.

    I’m not kidding. Xbox, get on this right now!

  • I really hope that the Flaming C movie works out and not end up like WB’s earlier failed attempts to turn celebs into superheroes [i.e. Loonatics Unleashed]. I hope they really work hard to do clever writing and great animation. The animation seems okay so far. I just hope this doesn’t suck.

    Say, has anybody here participated in TeamCoco’s Flaming C fan art project for the Comic Con? I submitted a pic to the wesbite and I don’t think it was showcased in the galleries.

  • I hope Sam Register is SERIOUS about actually producing this. Otherwise the character is just going to waste. I did a Flaming C cartoon that almost got shown on CONAN, but was pulled just 30 minutes before airtime due to legal complications. If THIS is the reason that they didn’t want MY version to be seen, then it would be worth it. But it would be a shame if they didn’t utilize Andy as a sidekick and the blimp as his mode of transportation.

    • snip2346

      I really think it’s only a gag. They even say they aren’t even sure it’s a real movie in the end of the trailer.

  • Chris L

    Is this a video game? Looks like a video game.

  • Its interesting how an Idea or character created on a whim can grow. I’m intrigued to see how far they’ll take this. Its actually quite inspiring.

  • This could be part of the reason why WB legal pulled my FLAMING C cartoon from being shown on CONAN just minutes before airtime… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nmJvibFSDc4

  • I’d pay to see that movie!