<em>The Head</em> <em>The Head</em>

The Head

I can’t help it. I love trippy stuff like this. Designer Matias Vigliano and animator Dante Zaballa from Argentina created this bit of hand drawn madness:

  • tedzey

    I agree, Jerry. The trippy animations are awesome! Have you checked out the stuff from McBess? he does illustration, 2d and 3d animation

  • saw this on motionographer a while ago too, and can’t stop watching it again and again. it’s really just nice to look at, and not boggled down with story. it’s kinda what goes through my mind when i see graffiti all around me.

  • I have watched this piece and shared it numerous times since discovering last week. So much goodness going on in a scant two minutes!

  • Solid stuff… the look is very worn out but the way that it all flows together makes it fresh and new again

  • J

    Stunning. Love this kind of animation, I wish there was more of it being done.

  • I wish someone could take the look of this and make a narrative story of some kind with it. It’s beautiful to look at! I love the combination of bright colors, dull earth tones, and black and white figures.