“The Incident at Tower 37” by Chris Perry “The Incident at Tower 37” by Chris Perry

“The Incident at Tower 37” by Chris Perry

After two-years on the festival circuit, animator Chris Perry is releasing his short, The Incident at Tower 37, online today in honor of World Water Day. It’s a sci-fi allegory with a message, well worth ten minutes of your time.

  • great storytelling! I love the fact that for 3d it is relatively simple from a technical point of view. However it does not matter at all as the story just takes you in. Great music and sound design too.

  • fish

    I hope that the countless students who actually made this film are the ones getting most of the credit for this good work …

    • Chris Perry + Dan Inkeles (and I’m sure some other people) were kind enough to get me an IMDB page for this, and Chris has made it abundantly clear when presenting this film that, yes, it was directed by him, but students created a lot of this

      but yeah, having that IMDB page lets me gloat over most everyone I went to school with B]

      I wrote a rant about my experiences working on the production crew, but it can be summed up with the phrase “Best Class Ever.”

      not so much because I was doing what I love to do, but more because I learned the value of having differing perspectives working on the same project, how someone with an animation background can get together with someone with a programming background or a lighting/rendering/etc. background to figure out a way to attack a problem that neither would have been able to solve themselves

      Judging from the rest of my academic experience, I’m guessing there aren’t many classes, art/animation wise, that focus on just how much of a collaborative effort a production really is

      • It’s true. There aren’t many courses like that. Chris Perry’s class at Hampshire is one of the few of its kind. Another is the capstone computer animation course at the University of Washington in Seattle, taught by Barbara Mones (I also taught that class for a couple of years in the program’s infancy.) Some of the European schools like Gobelins, Supinfocom and Filmakaedmie Baden-Wurttenburg also do collaborative projects, though I get the impression that their focus is more on collaboration between different artists rather than between artists, TDs and software developers.

        Anyway, props to you and all the other students who worked on the film, it’s quite an accomplishment!

  • I saw this at the Florida film Festival. Very interesting short.

  • i’m glad to finally see this up. great job guys!

  • Excellent, many feelings are transmitted without a word