‘The Kinematograph’ by Tomasz Baginski ‘The Kinematograph’ by Tomasz Baginski

‘The Kinematograph’ by Tomasz Baginski

The latest film by Oscar nominee Tomasz Bagiński (The Cathedral, Fallen Art) will be released to theatres in Poland next month. The Kinematograph is based on one of Mateusz Skutnik’s steampunk Revolutions graphic novels. For more info check the Platige Image website.

(Thanks, Anna Adamczak and Piotr Panasewicz)

  • I love the look of this film. That’s all I have to go off as I don’t have sound at work, but I’ll be looking forward to this film. The animation looks great.

  • This Looks brilliant,
    wel, the cinematography on it is wonderful the camera moves
    and the texture.

    Now…I havent seen Up,
    but …whats with “Oldmen losing their wives” themes
    these days??
    (not like theres anything wrong with that)

  • Kirb

    I’m liking the sepia tones and texture, although the actual premise seems a little fuzzy to me.

  • Dan

    Wow this put all western CG animation to shame.

  • Wow. Very intriguing. I want to see it.

  • looks like it has a plot and characters to match the art… a rarity!

  • Sam Filstrup

    Not to keen on the character design just isn’t all that appealing however the film looks interesting.

  • geordie

    I was wowed by the Cathedral. the animation was amazing, but this. this trailer just looks… boring. I’ll still see the movie because maybe there is more to the film than what is in the trailer.
    also not too keen on the character design.

  • I just watched it again with sound. :)

    Those are some beautifully modeled hands!

  • TDDP

    looks really nice!
    the graphics are very interesting and the plot seems to be very good!!!

    where can i see the ful movie and what is its length?