The Making of “The Gruffalo” The Making of “The Gruffalo”

The Making of “The Gruffalo”

One of the most delightful childrens films screened at the Ottawa Festival last fall was Max Lang and Jacob Schuh’s The Gruffalo. Now it’s on the short-list of nominees for this year’s Academy Award. The studio behind the film, Magic Light Pictures, just posted this informative “making of” video:

  • I’ve known that story before it was even popular – Ah, memories!

  • Dan Jeup

    The film looks smart and charming…a real class act. I look forward to seeing it. Good luck at the Oscars to everyone who worked on it. Very nice work!

  • Sean P

    Can’t help but think that a film like this would have been a better medium for translating Where The Wild Things Are. More charm, more expression.

  • I’m very glad someone did a faithful adaptation of a beloved story. So many times a property is modified until the charm of a singular vision is completely compromised.

  • sam

    its soo nice to see this, i remember searching for this on youtube last year right after i watched the movie! love everything about this movie!

  • absolutely beautiful! Can’t wait to see it.

  • mel

    Awesome job by Studio Soi!

  • Really great stuff!! So refreshing!

  • Wonderful film making and very charming.

    We need more animation like this.

  • James Cimarusti

    Is the Grufallo’s first name Janeane? ;)

  • Love the blending of mediums. Really gives the film the best of cg and live footage.

  • It is really inspiring to see all this behind the scenes featurettes and that 3D animation isn’t the answer to all stories. That the technique should always fit the story being told and a combination of them seems to be the best answer at the end of the day.

  • Sardonic Tuba

    Can’t wait for the Americanized version starring Janeane Garofolo and Mark Ruffalo.

    • 2011 Toddler

      Hey, Helena Bolen Carter is in it, who’s made a name for herself in mostly American projects.

      Where in the show is live-action used? I can’t spot it.

      • tonma

        I just watched the whole thing in youtube And I’m so glad I did! This is how storybooks should be adapted, 30 minutes max.

        I this exercise of trying to imagine how this would have turned out as dreamworks feature, and this is my balance:

        Mouse being nagged at by his family for not being like all mice. Mouse’s sidekick(a bug maybe)won’s stop talking crap. Mouse travels to prove himself worthy and rescue something. He goes and takes the waterfall ride before meeting the owl. Gruffalo needs to tell his backup story of rejection and pimple shame. He and mouse befriend and return home together(waterfall again)where he lives fetching things for mice.They sing something awful at the end.
        Oh,and there’s no squirrel family, they couldn’t fit them in such short running time. All character’s pupils and irises are 800% bigger. AND you know…fur.

        Well, Now I love the film as it is a lot more….

    • Gobo

      This already showed on network television as a Christmas special, and they didn’t change any of the voices.

  • James Cimarusti

    Looks like Gruffalos have ridges!

  • James Cimarusti

    Is this about the dark side of Howdy Doody?