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“The Monkey and The Rabbit” by Rodney King

No, not that Rodney King – Nelvana animator RodneyGK wrote, scored, sung and animated this disturbingly violent music video. Never has anything in such bad taste been so appealingly executed. Safe for work – but pretty rough…

Says Mr. King:

“I just finished my first animated short and posted it Sunday. I’ve been animating in television for about 10 years, I’ve always wanted to do a short of my own. It’s been an exciting experience being able to post and have people react one way or another, I put a lot of work into it. I did everything from Music, to design to animation.”

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  • Toonio

    if(10 years in Nelvana) = Definition of a saint.

  • gervart

    Wonderfully grotesque

  • DJ Scott

    His sense of timing feels really good.

  • Noice

  • Great animation, but so grotesque!! :-s

  • MrPrexus

    loved the animation!
    music doesn’t fit imo

  • Jenni K

    I’m sad for the monkey…
    (love the music).

  • Jamie L

    This is glorious.