“The Move” by Mandy Smith “The Move” by Mandy Smith
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“The Move” by Mandy Smith

In just a few years time, papercraft animation has evolved from a trend into a heavily used animation technique employed in commercials, music videos, feature film titles, and short films. The newness of the technique allows plenty of space to explore different approaches and styles. The Move by Mandy Smith is a particularly impressive example with sophisticated three-dimensional paper sculptures that look lush and organic. The short was inspired by a move to Amsterdam.

Direction and Art Direction/ Mandy Smith
DOP/ Ties Versteegh
Stunt Co-ordinator/ Lars Siemens
Music and Sound Design/ Lawrence Horne, Piers Burbrook de Vere and Jeremy Yang
Online Artist/ Daisy Hulsken
Grading/ Rachel Stone
Post Production/ The Ambassadors

(Thanks, Rod Tejeda)

  • It’s a cute film and I saw it yesterday on another site. Still what I question is its merits in animation. In fact I look at this more as puppetry along the lines of the muppets. I guess it does bring into question, what is animation? It certainly doesn’t detract from the merits of the film and the paper craft and artistry are bar-none, but it is worth questioning.

  • eeteed

    this is beautiful, and i really loved it, but was it animated? it looked more like puppetry.

    whatever it is, i’m glad i got to see it.

  • While it’s not “truly” animated, the film has a nice sense to its design. Well done.

  • Ariel

    Wow! This was beautiful. Love the child-likeness of it all.

    The sound editing is great too. Very professional. We take sound for granted sometimes in animation. But this is top notch.


  • The other readers pointed out exactly what I was thinking: Is it puppetry or animation? Not to take anything away from the accomplishment, of course. I suppose one could debate the same question with regards to CG.

  • Raoul

    If it’s stop motion artwork produced frame by frame, it’s animated.

    • Yea I don’ think its stop motion though, it looks like filmed puppetry.

  • Wow! I can’t imagine sitting there and creating all those sculptures out of paper! I mean, as an animator, I get the patience aspect of it, but the level this is done in is mind boggling!

    I do agree that this is NOT animation. Everything is pulled along by a string and filmed. Nothing was pushed around frame at a time.

    Puppetry as an art form and animation are far closer relatives than animation and film. They both have a quirkier level of humor, both use a higher level of design, and so on and so forth. They are not the same thing however.

    Still, nothing wrong with supporting our sister workmen!

  • Vanessa

    This is so pretty! It’s reminding me how inspired I was after watching a documentary about oragami last month. Paper is the best craft tool!