The Oscars: Animated Short Nominees The Oscars: Animated Short Nominees

The Oscars: Animated Short Nominees

The nominees for BEST ANIMATED SHORT, announced today by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Scienes, are:

A Morning Stroll
A Morning Stroll by Grant Orchard (Studio AKA)
Read Cartoon Brew’s post about A Morning Stroll and our coverage of Grant Orchard throughout the years.

Dimanche / Sunday by Patrick Doyon (NFB)

La Luna by Enrico Casarosa (Pixar)
Read Cartoon Brew’s coverage of La Luna.

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore by William Joyce and Brandon Oldenburg (Moonbot Studios)
Read Cartoon Brew’s post about The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore.

Wild Life by Amanda Forbis & Wendy Tilby (NFB)
Read Cartoon Brew’s post about Wild Life.

Congratulations to all the nominees. The Academy Awards will be presented on Sunday February 26th at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood.

  • ajnrules

    Currently seen 3/5. Any talks with Studio AKA to have them make their web debut of A Morning Stroll with Cartoon Brew?

    Of the three I’ve seen I’d go for Wild Life. The storyline is terrific, the filmmaking is electrifying, and the art is sublime.

  • Congrats to Amanda Forbis & Wendy Tilby. I’d be happy if any of the three 2D shorts win; they’re all great.

  • Wow, Mr. Morris Lessmore is an interactive storybook for iPad! Interesting to see how it does nominated for an Oscar!

    • JimTheAnimator

      It was a short-film first. It was made into an interactive iPad app later.

  • swac

    Hooray for the NFB! I hope having two noms improves their chances.

    • GhaleonQ

      Of the 5 that made it (from a good enough longlist), they’re the only 2 high-quality ones. I guess Tilby’s walking away with another award?

      • ajnrules

        But it’ll be her first Oscar.

        Here’s hoping she gets it, but I’ve got a nagging feeling they might go for La Luna as a compensation prize for Cars 2 being left out.

  • BP

    Aw, man! “I Tawt I Taw a Putty Tat” didn’t make it.

    I hope “Daffy’s Rhapsody” does.

  • Scarabim

    I’m rooting for Lessmore!

  • JMatte

    Also have to cheer for the NFB (Wooooo!).
    I have not seen “A morning stroll”, unfortunately. As for the others, my heart is torn between “Sunday, “La Luna” and “The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore”.

    Congrats to all the nominees!!

  • can we see all these nominated shorts online?

    • ajnrules

      Both Dimanche and Wild Life are available on the NFB website for the time being. They had made their web debuts here two and a half weeks ago.

      I’m hoping that La Luna will be part of the Shorts International screening. I’m worried Pixar may hold off on showing it until it opens before Brave later this summer, months after the Oscar ceremony.

  • mat

    No tweety cartoon? That stinks. I wanted it to make it in.

    • Congrats, Jamil (and assorted Moonbots)! Awesome job. Good luck in February!

      • Jamil

        Thanks Kevin, we’re keepin’m crossed here too.

  • We at the Alt Animation Podcast got to interview Wendy Tilby and Amanda Forbis on sunday and we talked about “Wild Life” a bit so look for that in the next couple of weeks. Also we got to interview Jamil Lahham at Moonbot studios a while back, so if you are interested in hearing him talk about the animation techniques used in Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore, check us out!

  • Stephen M. Levinson

    Congratulations to those Nominees. As an animator it must be an amazing feeling to get nominated for such a high honor.

    I’m curious, how exactly does one get nominated? Is it simply by submitting your film, or are you required to screen your film in a theater? Very curious to how that works!

    • Stephen,

      You must submit your film to the Academy and your film must qualify by playing in a Los Angeles theatre for three consecutive days OR your film must have won an award at a film festival approved by the Academy. You can’t show your film on broadcast or cable television, on dvd, or post it on the Internet until after its Los Angeles theatrical release.

      The full set of rules are posted on the Academy’s website:

      • BP

        How can you get a Los Angelos theatre to play your cartoon?

  • Tom

    Out of those (at least that I’ve seen), I’d pick Wild Life to win. Mr. Morriss Lessmore left a bad taste in my mouth.

    • Matthew Koh

      “Mr. Morriss Lessmore left a bad taste in my mouth”

      What? Really? That’s impossible!

      • Tom

        Just didn’t do it for me. Couldn’t care for the characters, and I felt the film’s overall tone was forced.

        La Luna was OK, but not Pixar’s best effort. I would have loved to see Paths of Hate nominated.

      • Doug

        I had the same reaction. Felt long to me and I shut it off at the nine minute mark. Contrast to Wild Life which I was wishing would keep going!

      • Alberto

        Really???? I couldn’t get enough of it. I thought it was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen

  • Laura

    I was hoping for Paths of Hate to be nominated, it was my favorite at Annecy last year!

  • I have yet to see A Morning Stroll, but so far my vote goes to A Wild Life. Great films!

  • Matt Bell

    Go Moonbot Studios! Woooh!

  • MissConception

    How exciting for Moonbot! An Oscar nomination on their first short! So many recent alumni from my school went to work there!

  • Mike

    Can’t wait to see all of these! Looks like a far stronger crop than last year’s.

  • sarah Q

    My teacher dd the music and the sound design for Dimanche we were all so excited at school today! I really hope he wins. :)

  • Chris

    Congratulation to all the nominees.

    I haven`t seen yet “A Morning Stroll” and “La Luna”, but regarding the rest, my favorite is “Wild Life”!!.