“The Pitch (Hanukkah vs. Christmas)” by Alex Salsberg “The Pitch (Hanukkah vs. Christmas)” by Alex Salsberg

“The Pitch (Hanukkah vs. Christmas)” by Alex Salsberg

Alex Salsberg, a 2008 grad of Rochester Institute of Technology and current co-owner of Boston’s PokeGravy Studios, created this hilarious short that envisions what would happen if holidays had to be approved in a corporate boardroom like everything else nowadays. The art and animation is crude but funny as hell, and the voices made me laugh out loud.

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  • Gummo

    Any American Jew who had to go thru the inevitable comparisons as a kid will identify with this.

    Very funny.

  • Do’ethe


  • Lyle

    loved it!!

  • Loved the piece after the credits. “I got one mooooooooore!” LOL!

  • David Breneman

    Last week someone commented that Burgermeister Meisterburger looked like Richard Nixon. Today I’ll comment that the boss in this bit looks like Clarence Thomas. Any takers?